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SciCon Compact 430 Saddlebag
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SciCon might sound like a yearly gathering of cosmically-focused tech nerds, but it's actually way less scary: the company makes bike bags, and only bike bags. Since its focus is so narrow, it's safe to assume it knows what it's talking about, an assumption that's confirmed when you take gear like the Compact 430 Saddlebag for a test spin. At 430 cubic inches, the Compact 430 sits towards the middle of SciCon's saddle bag lineup, with enough room for two tubes, patch kit, CO2 cartridge, inflator, and multitool. No tire levers Well, SciCon actually built special sleeves for them to increase packing efficiency, and thoughtfully included two of their own levers. The bag itself is made from a shape-holding combination of Cordura and carbon fiber, has a giant maw of an opening, and sports an internal hook-and-loop strap to keep small loads from bouncing around. Reflective details wrap around the bag, and SciCon's unique Roller 2. 1 mounting system uses a plastic cleat to attach securely to saddle rails instead of seatposts, so the bag won't bounce around or work itself loose during a bumpy ride.