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Fi'zi:k Saddle Pak
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Few on-the-bike frustrations can quite match feeling your $200 bib shorts rub against the rough exterior of a saddle bag. Apparel manufacturers design shorts to withstand the constant friction between shorts and saddle, but the inner thigh panels are lightweight and soft. Its an area that abrades a saddle bag with every pedal stroke and piles up all-to-quickly, killing the lifespan of a pair of shorts that should otherwise last many years. The engineers at Fizik give us a cure to this age-old problem thanks to the fact that their best-selling saddles are Integrated Clip System (ICS)-specific, which means they have a tiny plastic receptacle under the saddle shell. The Fizik ICS Saddle Bag has a male end that plugs right into this ICS opening. The Saddle Bag recesses directly under the rear of your saddle instead of lower on your seatpost. It has no Velcro straps to affix it to your bike, which eliminates the likelihood of shorts-to-bag abrasion. The ICS Saddle Bag is available in two sizes, Small and Medium. The Small bag is ideal for the essentials: One tube, two CO2's, and one tire lever. The Medium bag gives you enough room to add a multitool and a second tube to your arsenal. The ICS bag comes in Black, and has two rear reflective patches plus a loop to affix a rear tail light. The bag material itself is waterproof, and the Zippered enclosure is reinforced in order to give it added resistance to water. The ICS clip on the bag has three positions to allow you to customize the angle of the bag beneath the seat. Just so you know, the following saddles are ICS compatible provided that they are vintage 2007, not earlier: Aliante Carbon, Arione Tri 2, Arione, Aliante Gamma, Pave HP, Vitesse Tri, Vitesse HP, Gobi, Nisene HP, Rondine, Nisene CP, Pave CP, Vitesse CP, and the Rondine CP. If you're unsure whether your saddle is ICS compatible, simply look for the ICS receptacle beneath the shell. Or feel free to contact us and we can help you make sure one way or another.