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RockyMounts PitchFork Bike Mount
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Whoever decided that bikes should be carried on your roof was a genius. We appreciate the fact that what was originally just a waste of space is turned into the very most important part of the car with a simple, clamp-on apparatus. You could make arguments that other parts of the car, like the engine, are more important, but engines don't carry bikes. It isn't a perfect system, however. Roof racks are noisy and they sap your fuel. Well, most of them. The RockyMounts Pitchfork Bike Mount's aerodynamic shape minimizes these negative effects to save you money on fuel and allow you to open the sunroof without going deaf. RockyMounts doesn't make crossbars. Because of that, the Pitchfork is designed to work with both Yakima's round bars and Thule's square bars. The Pitchfork is also compatible with road and mountain bikes, as long as they have a standard QR fork. The 45 inch tubular tray will accommodate almost any bike. RockyMounts makes a special model for folks with recumbents and XtraCycles. The simple quick-release feature makes it easy to load and unload your bike, so you won't be stuck struggling with the rack, dropping your bike, denting your car, smashing your finger, and generally flailing with your bike. The quick-release is lock compatible (lock cores are sold separately) so your bike won't disappear when you duck into a restaurant for a post-ride snack. The RockyMounts Pitchfork Bike Mount comes in Black, Silver, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, White, and Orange.