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Inno Racks Slim Fork Bike Mount
Retail Price: $149.95
Our Price: $126.99
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You spent a pretty penny on that aerodynamic missile that you call a road bike; now use the Inno Racks Slim Fork Bike Mount to lock that beast securely to your roof. Just remove the bike's front wheel, lock the fork to the front holder, and close the rear wheel in the rear holder, and you're good to go. A keyed locking system keeps sticky-fingered pirates from running away with your speed-machine. Front fork holder uses a clutch-tightening adjuster with an oversize quick-release handle that allows for more leverage when securing the holderRear wheel holder uses a ratcheting tension system which closes on the wheel and rim like a brake padA built-in torque adjust allows for perfect tension without over-tightening which could otherwise damage the rim or tireSupports all wheel rim-heights and suppers rear tire widths 18c to 35cIncludes keys and locks so you can secure your ride right out of the box