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Skratch Labs Feed Zone Cookbook
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The story of Dr. Allen Lim's Skratch Labs is a sports nutrition fairytale of sorts, born out of dedication for the pro teams and riders whose diets and nutrition he carefully supervised. It was at great personal cost that he tinkered with the preparation of wholesome foods under the belief that real food produces real results. Season after season of ferrying his mobile kitchen (essentially a rice cooker, bags of groceries, and a host of practical cooking implements) from race to race wasn't all for naught, as Levi Leipheimer's stellar 2011 season would be more than sufficient to prove that Lim's nutritional instincts were dead-on. Just like Lim's widely acclaimed drink mixes, The Feed Zone is an accidental success of sorts, borne out of a definitive search for a solution to the dreaded 'gut rot' experienced by so many cyclists who are routinely forced to consume large quantities of carbohydrate and electrolyte-heavy foods out of necessity. Just like the old adage "garbage in, garbage out," Lim understands that complex results don't require complex fuels. With a little olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, and good, old-fashioned salt and pepper, you'll discover that an entire universe of simple and refreshing flavors are capable of helping you unlock real-world results. Lim describes The Feed Zone as his love of simple, childhood foods coming full circle from his days growing up in a Chinese household. He learned at an early age to cook chicken fried rice, the family recipe he is now sharing outside his close-knit circle of relatives and professional athletes. More than just another cookbook, this is a creative collection of recipes curated by Dr. Lim and his personal friend Chef Biju Thomas that are flavorful and wholesome for the athlete's tummy, but still delicious enough that everyone in the family will soon find their own personal favorite. The book is packed with 160 mouth-watering recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, along with the crucially portable m...