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Skratch Labs Polar Bottle
Price: $15.95
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We have to admit that we weren't sure how Skratch Labs was going to add its trademark pixelation to an insulated Polar Bottle. However, the end result looks like it's been frozen in carbonite, which is only fitting given that you're able to freeze this bottle and its contents. So, this bottle will not only provide a consistently cool dose of Exercise Hydration Mix, but it finally let's you proclaim what's in your bottle. Thankfully, this Polar bottle combines the best characteristics of both a standard and insulated bottle. Essentially, the internal structure of the bottle insulates like a vacuum bottle, while the outer shell provides the malleable construction that's necessary for pours from the saddle. This way, your cold Hydration Mix will stay cold throughout your ride, and if you need it to stay cold for longer, you're also able to freeze the bottle and its contents. The Skratch Labs Polar Bottle is available in one color and in a 20-ounce size.