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Rock N Roll Absolute Dry Lube Rock N Roll Absolute Dry Lube

Dusty and dry rides require different lubes than miserably wet and muddy adventures, so Rock N Roll made the Absolute Dry Lube to satisfy your chain when the going gets hot and dry. It's thin, so it will seep easily into rollers and cogs without picking up dirt, grime, or muck. It will need to be...

Price: $9.00

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Rock N Roll Extreme Lube Rock N Roll Extreme Lube

The stickiest, thickest lube that Rock N Roll makes, Extreme Lube is intended to keep your chain silky in the gnarliest, nastiest conditions, from ruinous 'cross races to sloppy enduro stages and the pig-sty slop of a muddy DH race. The synthetic lube contains a suspended gel membrane that seeps...

Price: $22.00

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