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Orontas TYPE A Light Lubricant
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Orontas designed TYPE A Lubricant for normal-to-dry riding conditions where dust is more of an issue than mud. This is a light lubricant that won't gum up your chain and won't trap a bunch of gunk in your drivetrain when applied properly (sparingly). The folks at Orontas recommend a fresh clean-and-lube about every 10 Scandanavian miles (that's 100km or 60 miles to you and I). TYPE A is non-toxic, biodegradable, and petroleum-free. The good folks at Orontas are committed to bringing sustainability and performance without compromise to cyclists everywhere. Orontas' lubes and cleaners are made using only sustainable materials and ethical production practices. All of its products are made in Toronto, which makes it possible to maintain full quality control. Orontas TYPE A Lubricant is available in two sizes: 3oz and 8oz.