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Assos legWarmer_evo7 Leg Warmers Assos legWarmer_evo7 Leg Warmers

Keep your legs warm on chilly fall rides and long, winding descents with the Assos legWarmer_evo7 Leg Warmers. Made from thermal, elastic, and breathable RX Medium fabric with a water-resistant coating, these warmers add versatility to your kit with cozy warmth and weather-blocking functionality....

Price: $99.00

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Capo Lombardia DWR Leg Warmer Capo Lombardia DWR Leg Warmer

Made of the company's proven Thermo Roubaix fabric, the Capo Lombardia DWR Leg Warmers offer a fantastic degree of wind and rain protection on the outside, thanks to a DWR water-ready treatment, while their soft interior keeps your lower half well-insulated. Silicone grippers around the top keep...

Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $47.97

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Capo SL Roubaix Leg Warmer Capo SL Roubaix Leg Warmer

Traditional leg warmers can be bulky, bunchy affairs than never quite feel like they fit right and certainly don't do much to help passing motorists see you. Capo steps in to change that with its SL Roubaix Leg Warmers. The warmers' Super Roubaix fabric isn't just a supple, hollow-core fabric...

Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $104.96

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Castelli Nano Flex+ Leg Warmer Castelli Nano Flex+ Leg Warmer

It sometimes takes a bit of self-encouragement to get out the door and start a ride in the drizzle, so the last thing you need is a pair of leg warmers soaking up the rain and making you colder or slipping down to expose bare skin. Kit up in a pair of Castelli's Nano Flex+ Leg Warmers to stay...

Price: $69.95

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Castelli Nanoflex Leg Warmers Castelli Nanoflex Leg Warmers

If there's one failing to most legwarmers, it's that they absorb water like a proverbial sponge. On rainy days, they end up waterlogged and providing compromised warmth. However, the Castelli Nanoflex Leg Warmers are perfect for riding in conditions that are both cold and wet. Then again, outside...

Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $27.98

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Castelli Tempesta Leg Warmers Castelli Tempesta Leg Warmers

As summer gives way to blustery fall weather, rain and cold become more common companions on your training rides. If you're determined to ride through whatever comes your way, make sure you give yourself maximum protection with Castelli's Tempesta Leg Warmers. Made to be worn with the Tempesta 3...

Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $79.96

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Castelli Thermoflex Leg Warmer Castelli Thermoflex Leg Warmer

Your legs are your engine, but you can't expect them to work their best if you leave them bare in the cold. Let Castelli's Thermoflex Leg Warmers stand between your gams and the crisp spring air around them, and you'll enjoy less likelihood of muscle tightness and discomfort when you're out on...

Price: $49.95

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Castelli Thermoflex Leg Warmers Castelli Thermoflex Leg Warmers

Your legs are your engine, so Castelli designed the Thermoflex Leg Warmers to keep them toasty when you're hammering or warming up in chilly conditions. The microfleece lining makes the Thermoflex the warmest leg sleeves that Castelli offers, and the upper silicone gripper keeps them from sliding...

Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $27.47

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Chpt. III 1.92 Leg Warmer Chpt. III 1.92 Leg Warmer

Chpt. III is a collaboration between Castelli and legendary Scottish cyclist David Millar, and with a design ethos of tasteful minimalism and functional performance. Its 1. 92 Leg Warmer hits an optimal balance between high-loft warmth and fluid stretch characteristics. This leg warmer hits the...

Price: $74.95

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Craft Shield Leg Warmers Craft Shield Leg Warmers

Pull a pair of Craft's Shield Leg Warmers on with your favorite cold-weather bib shorts to stay warm without sacrificing freedom of movement on fall and winter rides. Made with a hardworking, four-way stretch, wind- and water-resistant synthetic, the warmers are designed to block the elements...

Price: $59.99

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