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Giro LA DND Women's Gloves Giro LA DND Women's Gloves

When you slide your paws into the stretchy, breathable, and durable Giro LA DND Women's Glove you'll connect directly to your two-wheeled friend for ultimate control and comfort.

Price: $25.95

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Giro LX LF Cycling Gloves - Men's Giro LX LF Cycling Gloves - Men's

The Giro LX Long Finger Gloves are a stylistic throwback to an era of steel framed bicycles, chrome plated toe clips, and Benotto Cello handlebar tape. Just because they look retro, though, doesn't mean they aren't made with 21st-century materials. Starting at the palm, the LX gloves use the...

Price: $69.95

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Giro Monica Glove - Women's Giro Monica Glove - Women's

Hands are an often overlooked contact point on the bike. Though we dress our cockpits with the right bars for our shoulder width and wrap them with tape that feels good under our palms, we rarely tend to think of hand coverings as anything more than an afterthought when the weather is warm. This...

Price: $39.95

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Giro Rulla Glove - Women's Giro Rulla Glove - Women's

The numer of contributing factors to the quality of a ride is enormous. From frame size and geometry to shoes and saddles, choices are plentiful -- but, the wrong one will lead to discomfort before the half way point. Giro's approach to cycling apparel, represented here by the Rulla Women's Glove...

Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $26.21

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Giro Xena Gloves - Women's Giro Xena Gloves - Women's

The Giro Xena Women's Gloves blend a smooth fit, lightweight feel, and durability into a package that's perfect for all-day, all-mountain riding. The palms of the gloves were made with soft, durable Clarino synthetic leather. It's sewn into a three-piece design to fit the natural curve of your...

Price: $39.95

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