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Timbuk2 Colby Cycling Shoulder Bag Timbuk2 Colby Cycling Shoulder Bag

The Timbuk2 Colby Cycling Shoulder Bag is a petite shoulder bag with hook-and-loop straps that connect to your bike's handlebar or crossbar. A side slash pocket stashes the shoulder strap when you're riding to prevent snagging. You can tuck the hook-and-loop straps in it as well, concealing the...

Price: $48.95

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Timbuk2 Colby Shoulder Bag - Women's Timbuk2 Colby Shoulder Bag - Women's

Strap your Timbuk2 Women's Colby Shoulder Bag to your handlebars for your ride to the pub, and amaze the patrons on the patio as you undo the straps to turn it back into the fashionable purse that it is. The hook-and-loop bike straps hide into the rear slash pocket so that no one's the wiser to...

Price: $48.95

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Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag

You and your Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag may fly through airport security as fast as your cab driver flew through questionable yellow lights on your way to the terminal. An external laptop compartment zips off the bag and lies flat to allow you to pass through security without removing your...

Price: $128.95

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Timbuk2 Race Duffel Bag - Men's Timbuk2 Race Duffel Bag - Men's

Your bathroom is beyond organized. The contents of your kitchen drawers look like they were immaculately laid out by a rocket scientist. The Timbuk2 Race Duffel Bag organizes and hauls your race gear so everything you need for the big day is easy to find and easy get to. Even if you're not headed...

Price: $125.00

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