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Sombrio Brawny Jacket - Men's Sombrio Brawny Jacket - Men's

Nothing is worse than being stranded on the trail. Well actually, being stranded and wet is definitely worse. However, riding with the Sombrio Brawny Jacket will eliminate the ails of this predicament. With a wind and water resistant design and crazy amounts of ventilation, the Brawny Jacket is...

Price: $168.95
Sale Price: $50.68

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Sombrio Vapor Jacket - Men's - Men's Sombrio Vapor Jacket - Men's - Men's

The mountain range overlooking Vancouver is rugged with severe weather conditions contrasting dramatically from the mildness of the nearby city. In other words, the effectiveness and versatility of Sombrio's Vapor Jacket should not come as a surprise. Firstly, it's constructed from an...

Price: $218.95
Sale Price: $76.63

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