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Diamondback Clarity 24 Complete Bike - 2015
Price: $300.00
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For the young lady who wants to explore the neighborhood, roll through the parks, or simply get to her friend's house in fast style, the Diamondback Clarity 24 Kid's Bike is just about everything she could need, and then some. The Clarity is immediately distinguished from most other youth bikes...
Diamondback Insight 24 Kid's Bike - 2015
Price: $300.00
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Diamondback knows that most of the riding the little whippersnappers are doing these days isn't on gnarly trails or loose dirt paths, but on the paved streets around their towns, parks, and neighborhoods. With this in mind, the company set out to take a new approach to kid's bikes, and in doing...
Diamondback Micro Viper Kids' Bike - 2014
Retail Price: $139.95
Our Price: $69.99
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What we love about Diamondback is that it takes its entire lineup very seriously, with as much respect for its pro athletes as for the newest little riders who are hitting the pedals for the first time. Case in point: the Diamondback Micro Viper Kid's Bike, ready to roll with or without training...
Diamondback Octane 20" Complete Kids' Bike - 2015
Price: $260.00
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Yes, technically, that department store kids' bike is a bike. It might, technically, roll. But the difference between it and a real kids' mountain bike like the Diamondback Octane 20 Kids' Bike is the difference between them wanting to get out and ride, and them forgetting about it because the...
Diamondback Octane 24" Complete Kids' Bike - 2015
Price: $300.00
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The Diamondback Octane 24 is the real deal, a high-quality blend of parts built on a trail-ready aluminum frame that's both tough and light enough that they just might pass you on the climbs. Consider yourself warned. What distinguishes the Octane series from the Cobra series is frame material....
Diamondback Podium 24 Youth Road Bike
Price: $500.00
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Walk down the aisle of kids' bikes at your local shop and you'll likely notice that bikes have become way more high-tech since you were a kid, and that they're almost all heavy, knobby-tire bikes for off-road use and/or for bouncing off the neighborhood curbs. What's out there for your aspiring...
Diamondback Podium 650c Youth Road Bike
Price: $550.00
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They're too big for that 24-inch-wheeled mountain bike you bought them (seemingly yesterday), but they're not quite big enough for a full-sized adult machine just yet. If this is the problem you face when trying to find a ride so your kid can pedal along, meet the Diamondback Podium 650c Youth...
Diamondback Tess 24" Complete Kids' Bike - 2015
Price: $240.00
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The trails aren't just for the boys. The Diamondback Tess 24 Kids Bike is a mud-ready mountain bike for your aspiring young dirt diva, comprised of a great frame and great parts that will far outlast those bargain-basement deal bikes from the big-box department stores. The 24-inch wheels nail...
GT Aggressor 20" Complete Kids' Bike - 2015
Price: $249.99
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The GT Aggressor 20in Boy's Bike is that perfect step between training wheels and his first big kid (or small adult) bike. A great selection of parts, a very manageable size, and low weight make it a fantastic first two-wheeled machine. The Aggressor's frame is a big deal here, and by big we mean...
GT Aggressor 24" Complete Bike - Kids' - 2015
Price: $329.99
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The GT Aggressor 24in Boy's Bike may sound like a scary machine, but it's far more inviting than intimidating. Young riders will love its looks, capability, and durability, and they'll be encouraged to get out there and ride. The Aggressor's frame is a big deal here, and by big we mean just right...
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