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Diamondback Octane 20" Complete Kids' Bike - 2015
Retail Price: $260.00
Our Price: $221.00
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Get junior started on the right foot with the Diamondback Octane 20 Complete Bike. The Octane is equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame, so it's easier to pedal hill and easier to hang up in the garage. Unlike the bikes you see at the local department store, the Octane is a real mountain bike...
Diamondback Podium 700c Youth Road Bike
Retail Price: $600.00
Our Price: $510.00
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The Diamondback Podium Youth Bike comes in a single size, designed to fit those between about 4'8" and 5'1". Why just one size? Well, Diamondback saw that adult bikes rarely ranged low enough to fit youngsters, and that kids bikes topped out at about the 4'8" range. So they made the Podium Youth...
GT Aggressor 20" Complete Kids' Bike - 2015
Price: $249.99
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Getting your first real bike is an event. Maybe you come downstairs to find it under the Christmas tree, or maybe you're blindfolded and led into the garage, or maybe you even go to the shop to pick it out yourself. Regardless of how he gets it, your ankle-biter will be stoked on the GT Aggressor...
GT Aggressor 24" Complete Bike - Kids' - 2015
Price: $329.99
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The GT Aggressor 24in Boy's Bike may sound like a scary machine, but it's far more inviting than intimidating. Young riders will love its looks, capability, and durability, and they'll be encouraged to get out there and ride. The Aggressor's frame is a big deal here, and by big we mean just right...
MiiR Bambini
Price: $139.00
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MiiR describes the Bambini as a "full-fledged time machine, spaceship, and motorcycle," which perfectly sums up the potential this balance bike provides the future generation of cyclists. The frame is constructed from durable steel that's thin walled, so, when combined with the lightweight EVA...
SE Bicycles Bronco Bike - 2014
Price: $219.00
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The perfect ride for junior, SE Bicycles Bronco has a low standover height along with short cranks and small handlebars to fit kids not quite ready for a full-on BMX. It's intended for riders fewer than five feet tall and is constructed from Hi-Ten steel for strength. The Bronco comes with a rear...
SE Bicycles Mini Ripper Bike - 2014
Price: $499.00
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If you go to SE Bicycles' website, you'll find most of the kids bikes residing under the lifestyle tab. That's not where SE placed the Mini Ripper -- it's rightfully categorized among Elite Race Series bikes. The Mini Ripper is much more a precise tool for the track then a corner-store cruiser,...
SE Bicycles PK Ripper Elite Bike - 2014
Price: $549.00
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It's clear SE Bicycles set out to build an Olympic-level frame given the use of 6066 Aluminum Floval Tubing and their race-ready geometry. But that's not where they stopped with the PK Ripper Elite; this Ripper is spec'd with parts that, like the frame, don't lose focus on the goal of winning....
SE Bicycles Ripper Jr Bike - 2014
Price: $499.00
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Like the Mini, SE Bicycles' Ripper Jr. is intended specifically for the track, and shares lightweight frame technology along with premium components. The main difference is an inch longer toptube and slacker seat-tube angle so it has a roomier cockpit for taller riders. Please Note: This bicycle...
Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike
Price: $89.99
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While the industry typically uses "entry-level" as shorthand for a non-race bike, we can assert with comfort and confidence that the custom grips, saddles, and other features that set Strider's lighter, more expensive models apart from the "entry-level" 12 Classic Balance Bike probably won't be...
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