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Diamondback Haanjo Complete Bike - 2015
Price: $900.00
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How many times have you been trying to make a decision between two or three different options -- such as, say, which car to buy, or which restaurant to try, or which socks to wear -- and you just wish you could take the best features of each and combine them into one optimal choice, without...
Diamondback Haanjo Metro Complete Bike - 2015
Price: $550.00
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There's no way for us to hide it -- we love Diamondback's Haanjo bikes. They combine the best of different designs -- the low weight of a road bike, the durability of a mountain bike, and the practicality and comfort of a hybrid -- into a series of machines that can meet almost anyone's needs....
GT Tachyon Comp Complete Road Bike - 2015
Price: $599.99
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There is a time and place for high-performance, multi-thousand dollar carbon racing bikes. 5:15 on a Tuesday evening during rush hour is not that place. GT knows this very well, which is why it designed the Tachyon Comp Complete Bike for moments of urban commuting warfare -- the times when...
GT Tachyon Elite Complete Road Bike - 2015
Price: $699.99
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If you're the kind of commuter who regularly takes the circuitous, scenic routes home, or if you're constantly thinking of excuses to ride down to the store or back to the office because you may have forgotten something, then the GT Tachyon Elite Complete Bike is the ride for you. The Speed Metal...
Stromer ST-1 Elite Complete Electric Bike - 2014
Retail Price: $3549.00
Our Price: $2799.99
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Stromer is an innovative Swiss brand whose roots are in e-bike development, and they are now backed by BMC and being introduced on US soil for the first time. And while e-bikes occasionally garner a few raised eyebrows from self-propelled riders, in truth, they are just another way in which any...
Stromer ST-1 Platinum Complete Electric Bike - 2014
Retail Price: $4249.00
Our Price: $3599.99
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Given the combined caloric intake needed for recreational riding, competitive cycling, and commuting by bicycle -- on a healthy diet -- grocery bills easily approach operating costs for a dino-burning cage. On the other hand, modern electric bikes, like Stromer's ST-1 Platinum, cut bio-energy...
Stromer ST-1 Platinum Women's Complete Electric Bike - 2014
Retail Price: $4249.00
Our Price: $3499.99
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Commuting by bike is great--you get to breathe the fresh air, experience your locale outside the confinement of a car, and then there's the sense of freedom. But let's face it, it can be hard work, and not everyone wants to roll into work drenched in sweat, or have a coronary riding home from the...