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Charge Bikes Grater 0 Complete Bike - 2016
Price: $499.99
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Riding a bike doesn't have to be complicated, though the current state of the industry might have you convinced otherwise. With brands like Charge Bikes from the UK leading the, uh, charge, riding a bike takes a step back to what you remember it being from your youth: turning the damn pedals and...
Charge Bikes Grater 2 Complete Bike - 2016
Price: $949.99
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Charge has made a name for itself across the pond due to its urban machines that get riders from place to place without a fuss. Simple is often better, and that's reflected here with the understated, affordable, commute-crushing Grater 2 Complete Bike. A proven component package mixed with a...
Charge Bikes Grater 4 Complete Bike - 2016
Price: $1499.99
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Born in Great Britain, Charge is known for its urban machines that get riders from place to place without the hassle and complications commonplace with many of today's bikes. With this ethos in place, functionality is taken to the next level with its stealthy new Grater 4 Complete Bike. The...
Charge Bikes Grater Mixte 1 Complete Bike - 2016
Price: $699.99
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For women commuters interested in a simple, modern, and reliable bike that'll get them from point A to B without a fuss, UK-based Charge Bikes delivers with its commuter-crushing Grater Mixte 1 Complete Bike. Charge hails from England and is no stranger to the urban bike-riding landscape, as it's...
Diamondback Haanjo Comp Complete Bike - 2015
Retail Price: $1400.00
Our Price: $1189.99
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While many manufacturers are beginning to join the gravel bike industry, few seem to grasp what we want from a machine designed for all-surface, damn-the-torpedoes bikes as well as Diamondback. For example, the Haanjo Comp Complete Bike does away with the flashy components we'd expect on a carbon...
Diamondback Haanjo Complete Bike - 2015
Retail Price: $900.00
Our Price: $674.99
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Not everyone is a budding racer. Some folks just want a solid, lightweight bike to get around town and take for the occasional pleasure cruise. Diamondback realizes this, and they've come out with what may be the ultimate pleasure cruiser--The Haanjo. What makes the Haanjo so cool is its unique...
Diamondback Haanjo Complete Bike - 2016
Price: $900.00
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Diamondback advocates strongly for more riders on American roads, especially commuters, and its Haanjo bike line offers riders with a wide range of budgets the opportunity to get outside more. With dependable components and comfort-minded geometry, the Haanjo Complete Bike is a wallet-friendly...
GT Grade FB Elite Complete Bike - 2016
Price: $799.99
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Investing in a bike that you can use for multiple activities is no easy task -- after all, there's not yet a bike in existence that can do everything. However, if you're looking for something you can use to commute a few mornings per week then take out to the bike path or your favorite...
GT Grade FB Expert Complete Bike - 2016
Price: $999.99
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Whether you've been commuting for years or are just starting to consider it, it's undeniably important to have a bike that's comfortable and prepared to handle the unexpected as you get where you're going. According to GT, demand from customers was a key reason the brand decided to introduce a...
GT Tachyon Comp Complete Road Bike - 2015
Retail Price: $599.99
Our Price: $509.99
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GT understands that you need a tough and reliable ride for your daily commute. The company's solution is the Tachyon Comp Complete Road Bike, which makes the hustle and bustle of urban riding effortless and enjoyable. The Tachyon Comp features a new compact geometry Speed Metal aluminum frame...
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