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Borealis Bikes Crestone X01 Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $4950.00
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Admit it: you're intrigued with the fat biking trend. Almost every time you're hanging around your local trails, you're greeted by a monstrous set of knobby tires being steered around a corner by a pretty excited looking rider. And those riders get to be out on the days the weather keeps you in...
Borealis Bikes Echo GX Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $2999.00
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Send those skinny-tired bikes into hibernation for the winter and get out in the snow with the 2016 Borealis Echo GX Complete Fat Bike. Borealis pairs a rigid carbon fiber fork and SRAM's one-by-eleven groupset to create a light, reliable, and versatile whip for the non-suspension fat bike...
Borealis Bikes Echo X01 Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $5099.00
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Seen here with X01 livery and 45NRTH Husker Du tires, the Borealis Echo starts to look less like "just a fat bike" and a lot more like a mountain bike. SRAM's unflappable one-by drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and a real-deal suspension fork from RockShox round out the Echo's already-capable...
Borealis Bikes Flume GX Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $2199.00
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Whether you're contemplating a snowy landscape or a sandy bikepacking trip, keep the fat fun rolling with the 2016 Borealis Flume GX Complete Fat Bike. With its aluminum frame and a rockin' kit that includes Borealis' own rigid carbon fork, SRAM GX componentry, and beefy Husker Du tires, this rig...
Borealis Bikes Flume GX/Bluto Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $2399.00
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Keep the fat tires rolling through any season on the 2016 Borealis Flume GX/Bluto Complete Fat Bike. Pairing an aluminum frame, Rochshox's Bluto suspension fork, and SRAM's GX one-by drivetrain, this bike is a versatile bull whip just chomping at the bit to take on burly trail adventures....