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Borealis Bikes Crestone X01 Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $4950.00
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One of the most common misconceptions of fat bikes is that they're slow. Well, we suppose they're slow relative to a time-trial road rig with 23mm tires at 140psi, but we'd like to see those pencil-neck rims ride across sand and snow where there's no tarmac or even established trails. Still, it's...
Borealis Bikes Crestone X01/Bluto Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $5150.00
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While Borealis suggests that the carbon fiber frame at the heart of the Crestone X01/Bluto Complete Fat Bike is the efficiency peak of fat bike frame technology, it's the inclusion of a 100mm RockShox Bluto fork that really sets our fat-o-meter spinning for this build. The carbon frame -- both...
Borealis Bikes Echo GX Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $2999.00
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Send those skinny-tired bikes into hibernation for the winter and get out in the snow with the 2016 Borealis Echo GX Complete Fat Bike. Borealis pairs a rigid carbon fiber fork and SRAM's one-by-eleven groupset to create a light, reliable, and versatile whip for the non-suspension fat bike...
Borealis Bikes Echo X0/X9 Complete Fat Bike
Retail Price: $3999.00
Our Price: $2798.99
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We've been waiting, for years now, for a legitimate, from the factory, no BS fat bike fork. There were modifications, fork crown shavings, and some real garage ingenuity we found on the Internet, but nothing that could touch a factory-designed suspension fork built around the fattest rubber this...
Borealis Bikes Echo X01 Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $5099.00
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Seen here with X01 livery and 45NRTH Husker Du tires, the Borealis Echo starts to look less like "just a fat bike" and a lot more like a mountain bike. SRAM's unflappable one-by drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and a real-deal suspension fork from RockShox round out the Echo's already-capable...
Borealis Bikes Echo XX1 Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $5999.00
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Borealis believes that fat bikes are meant to be ridden anywhere and everywhere, and when we see them built like this, we're inclined to agree. It's nearly as efficient as your favorite hardtail, but with heaps more traction and confidence over rough trails and chunky downhills. At the heart of...
Charge Bikes Cooker Maxi 1 Complete Bike - 2016
Retail Price: $1199.99
Our Price: $959.99
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UK-based Charge Bikes got its start building stylish urban and fixed-gear bikes, but the company's no one-trick pedaling pony. Its Cooker line of hardtail mountain bikes is getting noticed, and so too are the company's fat bikes, the Maxi 1 and 2. The Maxi 1 is the more affordable of the two, and...
Diamondback El Oso De Acero Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $950.00
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When the temperature drops and the snow clouds roll in to cover the landscape with a down comforter of fluffy powder, all we want to do is set aside the computer and break out a fat bike for burly fun in the snow. The 2016 Diamondback El Oso De Acero Complete Fat Bike lives for those snowbound...
Diamondback El Oso Grande Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $1400.00
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You can continue staring longingly towards slushy, snow-covered trails in the woods and watching with envy as other cyclists pedal through deep, soft sand with ease, or you can enter the world of huge tires and see what all the fat bike fuss is about. Diamondback's El Oso Grande Complete Fat Bike...
Diamondback El Oso SLX Complete Fat Bike - 2016
Price: $2000.00
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Before you make the dreaded descent into the basement for the winter, setting up your bike on the trainer with some old speakers and a poster of rolling European countryside on the wall in front of you for inspiration, consider the possibility that you could actually be enjoying winter weather on...
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