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Borealis Bikes Echo X0/X9 Complete Fat Bike
Price: $3999.00
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We've been waiting, for years now, for a legitimate, from the factory, no BS fat bike fork. There were modifications, fork crown shavings, and some real garage ingenuity we found on the Internet, but nothing that could touch a factory-designed suspension fork built around the fattest rubber this...
Borealis Bikes Echo X01 Complete Fat Bike
Price: $5099.00
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Seen here with X01 livery and 45NRTH Husker Du tires, the Borealis Echo starts to look less like "just a fat bike" and a lot more like a mountain bike. SRAM's unflappable one-by drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and a real-deal suspension fork from RockShox round out the Echo's already-capable...
Borealis Bikes Echo XX1 Complete Fat Bike
Price: $5999.00
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Borealis believes that fat bikes are meant to be ridden anywhere and everywhere, and when we see them built like this, we're inclined to agree. It's nearly as efficient as your favorite hardtail, but with heaps more traction and confidence over rough trails and chunky downhills. At the heart of...
Borealis Bikes Yampa X0/X9 Complete Bike
Retail Price: $3599.00
Our Price: $2299.00
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The crew at Borealis is adamant -- fat bikes are for year-round use, on all kinds of trails and conditions. Having ridden them in both winter and summer, atop snow and desert sand and rock, we'd have to agree. The traction and flotation you get from a 4-inch tire just can't be matched. And paired...
Borealis Bikes Yampa XX1 Complete Bike
Price: $5549.00
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While Borealis Bikes aren't exactly what we'd call light, the manufacturer's suggestive name is impossible to resist playing on. So we'll call the Yampa XX1 Complete Bike a northern heavy and call it good on the pun front. The inclusion of SRAM's flagship XX1 drivetrain means "heavy" doesn't...
SE Bicycles F@E Complete Bike - 2015
Price: $1089.00
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The SE Bicycles F@E Complete Bike will have you bullying snow-covered trails and soft-sand beaches without burning a hole through your wallet. The F@E is constructed with an all-aluminum chassis, featuring SE's new, lightweight "1" double-butted alloy for the tubing, and SE Alloy Rigid for the...
SE Bicycles F@R Complete Bike - 2015
Price: $1399.00
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For all their capability, most mountain bikes struggle to stay in command of certain conditions, namely mud, snow, and sand. When such deterrents lay in your path, don't default to dismount. Opt for a machine like the SE F@R Fat Bike, a fully capable but fairly-priced wide-tire mountain bike that...