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Eco Vessel Surf Loop Top Water Bottle - 22oz
Retail Price: $19.95
Our Price: $13.96
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Bring classic glass hydration with you on your next hike, without worrying about shattered glass, with the Eco Vessel 22oz Surf Loop Top Water Bottle. Made from recycled glass, this water bottle features a silicone sleeve and Drop Shield base to keep it protected against the constant jostling of...
Eco Vessel Vibe Cup
Retail Price: $9.95
Our Price: $4.97
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Made from recycled glass, the Eco Vessel Vibe Cup is the sustainable way to enjoy your favorite beverage on your next camping trip. This eco-friendly pint glass is enveloped in a grippy silicone sleeve for easy handling, and it boasts a bright color to ensure you always know where you left your...
Elite Cannibal Carbon Cage
Retail Price: $89.99
Our Price: $69.99
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The Elite Cannibal Carbon Cage offers you quick and convenient access to your bottle at a ridiculously low weight. This side-entry cage lets you insert and remove your bottle from either side, as well as the front, and its self-adjusting design maintains a secure hold while you ride.
Elite Cannibal Water Bottle Cage
Price: $19.99
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Elite's design for the Cannibal Water Bottle Cage is ideal for race situations, when quick and easy bottle access is critical. The side-entry cage allows the bottle to be inserted from the sides as well as the front, so you can stay focused on what's ahead. The Cannibal is built with reinforced...
Elite Custom Race Plus Water Bottle Cage
Price: $19.95
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You'd expect a team like Sky, whose mantra is "marginal gains," to look for every possible advantage down to the smallest equipment detail. That's why the team opts for Elite's new Custom Race Plus Water Bottle Cage, which combines the original Custom Race's durable, reinforced nylon body with a...
Elite Custom Race Water Bottle Cage
Price: $17.99
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Elite's self-adjusting Custom Race Water Bottle Cage lets you focus on the road rather than fighting a poor bottle/cage interface. Constructed from fiber-reinforced polyamide makes for a light and durable bottle cage. The key part, however is an elastomer rubber that allows the Custom Race to not...
Elite Eroica Vintage Bottle Cage
Price: $49.99
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Elite's Eroica Vintage Bottle Cage retro-fits modern cockpits with some refreshingly traditional style. Whether you're using it for easy bottle access on the home trainer or are building a period bicycle for a throwback ride, the Vintage Bottle Cage's blend of materials and design evoke the gear...
Elite Paron Race Composite Cage
Price: $12.99
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Flexible and sturdy, Elite's Paron Race Composite Bottle Cage keeps your bottle handy without weighing you down or costing half as much as a new bike.
Elite Pase Custom Carbon Cage
Price: $79.99
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Ounces matter whether you're pushing for the polka-dot jersey or just trying to beat your training buddies to the summit, and the Elite Pase Custom Carbon Cage keeps them to a minimum. At just 36 grams, it won't slow you down, but it'll keep your bottle secure and easily accessible so you don't...
Elite Pria Pave Water Bottle Cage
Price: $21.99
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Jettisoned bidons bouncing merrily down steep cobblestoned climbs are a hallmark of the spring classics that may add to the spectacular atmosphere for fans but present a serious danger for competitors. Elite's Pria Pave Water Bottle Cage corrals the free-range bottles of spring with a dialed...
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