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Profile Design FC25 Drink System
Price: $99.99
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If Profile Design spec'd the larger FC35 for 140. 6-mile courses, then the smaller FC25 Drink System would be your 70. 3 model. It puts everything you need for hydration and caloric-intake needs between your aerobars but shaves off ten ounces of volume for a more compact profile that reduces your...
Profile Design FC25 Drink System Bottle Kit
Price: $61.00
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Whether it's to ward off the accumulation of funk or to maintain a separation between your hydration mix bottles and water-only bottles, Profile Design offers a replacement reservoir for the FC25 Drink System Bottle Kit. Its straw can be switched to a fore or aft position, depending on the...
Profile Design FC35 Drink System
Price: $109.99
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Fumbling at pockets and down tube-mounted water bottle cages during the middle leg of a 140. 6 mile event can cost precious seconds and energy when every gram of drag dodged and every watt expended count. Profile Design's FC35 Drink System handles storage, hydration, and even head unit issues...
Profile Design FC35 Drink System Bottle Kit
Price: $72.99
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The only potential drawback with the water reservoir in the FC35 Drink System is the possibility of accumulating funk or the lingering taste of hydration mix flavoring when you're just using water on a training ride. Having a spare FC35 Drink System Bottle Kit on hand lets you replace the...
Profile Design Rear Mount System
Price: $79.99
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Did your bike come without bottle cage mounts, or do you just get sick of having to reach all the way down to the down tube to hydrate? Profile Design has the answer to all of your problems. The Rear Mount bottle cage system mounts directly to your seat rails and carries not one, but two standard...
Profile Design RMC Carbon Fiber Rear Mount with Kage
Price: $209.99
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In a normal world, most people would take a shower and go home after T1. However, this is where the real racing begins in a triathlon. And over the next leg of unsupported tarmac, it's crucial to stay as hydrated as possible. For this reason, Profile Design created the RMC Carbon Fiber Rear Mount...
Skratch Labs Big Mouth Bottle
Price: $5.95
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The Big Mouth Bottle makes everything easier. Adding drink mix? No problem. Ice cubes? A breeze. And then you screw the cap down and it doesn't leak. That pretty much makes it the perfect water bottle. And it'll hold 21 ounces of your favorite 'secret drink mix.'
Skratch Labs Polar Bottle
Price: $15.95
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We have to admit that we weren't sure how Skratch Labs was going to add its trademark pixelation to an insulated Polar Bottle. However, the end result looks like it's been frozen in carbonite, which is only fitting given that you're able to freeze this bottle and its contents. So, this bottle...
Specialized Water Bottles Backcountry Water Bottle
Price: $8.95
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Not only does the Specialized Water Bottles Backcountry Bottle carry 22oz of high-quality H2O, but its special lining prevents plastic from slowly leeching into your water and fights off that water bottle taste that we all know and don't love. Best of all, it has a goat slapped right on the...
Specialized Water Bottles Competitive Cyclist Water Bottle
Price: $8.95
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Stay properly hydrated without dealing with a funky aftertaste when you're sipping from the 22-ounce Competitive Cyclist Water Bottle. Made in the USA with a low-density polymer, this water bottle is freezer-friendly and incredibly easy to grip when you're grinding away on long rides. Its...
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