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Motorex Wet Lube
Retail Price: $9.00
Our Price: $6.30
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Motorex Wet Lube is a fully synthetic, biodegradable lubricant designed for riding in wet, muddy conditions and for riders who desire a more durable, longer-lasting chain lube. Boasting a unique synthetic compound that penetrates quickly and holds fast to your chain, Motorex Wet Lube uses a...
Park Tool Bio ChainBrite Cleaner
Price: $14.49
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Park Tool's Bio ChainBrite Cleaner takes the grime off your drivetrain without taking a few layers of skin with it. It's plant-based and biodegradable, so you can scrub your machine in the front yard, and its friendly enough for use on alloy, plastic, rubber, and -- of course -- carbon fiber.
Park Tool Heavy Duty Cutting Fluid - CF-2
Price: $14.95
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Cutting tools are spendy and delicate, so use Park Tool's CF-2 Heavy Duty Cutting Fluid when cutting, reaming, facing or tapping to ensure you don't prematurely dull your tool. An environmentally friendly, soy-based formula means that you can spare your conscience some damage, too.
Park Tool HPG-1 High Performance Grease
Price: $12.95
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Optimized for high-end applications on road and mountain bikes, Park Tool's HPG-1 High Performance Grease combats friction to keep your bike running smoothly. Park Tool's proprietary grease blend provides superior adherence and longer lubrication life on precision ground and ceramic bearings,...
Park Tool PolyLube 1000 Grease - PPL-1
Retail Price: $6.49
Our Price: $5.84
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Park Tool PPL-1 Polylube is a poly-urea based lubricant developed specifically for bicycle maintenance and repair. Polylube 1000 has an extremely high shear strength to protect vital parts under extreme conditions. Polylube 1000 also repels moisture and is compatible with conventional greases....
Park Tool PPL-2 Polylube 1000 Grease
Price: $16.95
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Staying prepared for routine maintenance and general bike upkeep doesn't have to be complicated if you have a tub of Park Tool's PPL-2 Polylube 1000 Grease on hand. Pairing well with most standard greases, the polyurea formula won't damage carbon frames, and it was developed with a high shear...
Pedro's Chain Pig
Retail Price: $28.00
Our Price: $24.64
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Hate scrubbing your filthy chain with a brush? Use Pedro's Chain Pig for a squeaky-clean chain without the hassle or mucky mess of traditional chain cleaning. This handy little tool attaches to your rear derailleur for hands-free operation, allowing you to crank the chain through its pro-grade...
Pedro's Chainj Chain Lubricant
Retail Price: $35.00
Our Price: $30.80
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Pedro's made the environmentally-friendly Chainj Chain Lubricant for those looking for a sustainable lube option for mixed and wet conditions. The Chainj Chain Lube goes on easy and won't leave a mess Mother Nature can't take care of.
Pedro's Grease Injector
Retail Price: $21.95
Our Price: $19.32
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The Pedro's Grease Injector is a no-brainer for bike maintenance. It's a single-hand design that accommodates all of Pedro's grease tubes and all standard 9/16" grease tubes. The precision and control it affords keep you clean and will encourage you to keep your bike running smoothly.
Pedro's Green Fizz 16X Concentrate
Retail Price: $12.00
Our Price: $10.56
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Keep your whip sparkling and classy with Pedro's Green Fizz 16X Concentrate. This powerful cleaner uses foaming action and surfactants to take off all the dirt, grime, and caked on dust your bike accumulates over the miles without damaging any of its parts or surfaces. As an added bonus, its...
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