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Motorex Wet Lube
Retail Price: $9.00
Our Price: $6.30
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Motorex Wet Lube is a fully synthetic, biodegradable lubricant designed for riding in wet, muddy conditions and for riders who desire a more durable, longer-lasting chain lube. Boasting a unique synthetic compound that penetrates quickly and holds fast to your chain, Motorex Wet Lube uses a...
Orange Seal Shine Bike Cleaner
Price: $4.79
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Sharing the same principle as Orange Seal's chain lube and sealant, nanites in the Shine Bike Cleaner's formula fills voids. But in this case those voids are microscopic scratches that mar a bicycle's finish over time. Orange Seal's engineered, sub-micron particles fill imperfections on modern...
Orange Seal Slide Chain Lube
Price: $4.99
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Formulated with nanites, Orange Seal's Slide Chain Lube not only prevents wear, but its nanotechnology also fills microscopic voids in chains to effectively reduce friction. The sub-micron, lubricating nanites bury themselves into the links to keep the chain running smoothly in all types of...
Park Tool CG-2.3 Chain Gang Chain Cleaning System
Retail Price: $34.95
Our Price: $32.50
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Whether your cogs fly the flag of flashy titanium or redoubtable, nickel-plated steel, you owe it to them, the chainrings, and the chain itself to maintain a tidy ship of state. Park Tool's CG-2. 3 Chain Gang Cleaning System comprises all the materials you'll need to ensure a presentable...
Park Tool Heavy Duty Cutting Fluid - CF-2
Retail Price: $14.95
Our Price: $13.46
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Cutting tools are spendy and delicate, so use Park Tool's CF-2 Heavy Duty Cutting Fluid when cutting, reaming, facing or tapping to ensure you don't prematurely dull your tool. An environmentally friendly, soy-based formula means that you can spare your conscience some damage, too.
Park Tool HPG-1 High Performance Grease
Price: $12.95
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Optimized for high-end applications on road and mountain bikes, Park Tool's HPG-1 High Performance Grease combats friction to keep your bike running smoothly. Park Tool's proprietary grease blend provides superior adherence and longer lubrication life on precision ground and ceramic bearings,...
Park Tool Supergrip Carbon and Alloy Assembly Compound - 4 oz. tube
Retail Price: $11.95
Our Price: $10.76
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Park Tool Supergrip Carbon and Alloy Assembly Compound creates a better grip between slippery surfaces, so you don't have to deal with slippery seatposts, stems, or handlebars anymore. Note: Not for threaded surfaces. Do not use for bearing lubrication
Park Tool Synthetic Blend Chain Lube with PTFE
Retail Price: $8.49
Our Price: $7.64
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Be a hero and lube up your neighborhood fleet with Park Tool's Synthetic Blend Chain Lube with PTFE. This synthetic blend penetrates, cleans, and prevents rust on chains, cables, spoke nipples, brake pivots, and just about anything else that needs lubing.
Pedro's Bike Lust Cleaner
Retail Price: $64.00
Our Price: $56.32
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Along with greed, sloth, envy, and gluttony, riding your bike when it's dirty is enough to get you sent straight to hell. Polish up your frame and components with Pedro's Bike Lust Cleaner, which gets rid of scratches, gives everything a shiny finish, and even protects your ride against UV rays.
Pedro's Chain Pig
Retail Price: $28.00
Our Price: $24.64
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Hate scrubbing your filthy chain with a brush? Use Pedro's Chain Pig for a squeaky-clean chain without the hassle or mucky mess of traditional chain cleaning. This handy little tool attaches to your rear derailleur for hands-free operation, allowing you to crank the chain through its pro-grade...
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