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07/21/2008| 0 comments
by Julian Dean

Julian Dean Diary

2008 Tour de France - 2nd Rest Day.

2008 Tour de France - 2nd Rest Day

I've had an easy rest day here on our second day in Italy at the Tour de France. I rode three hours easy this morning and felt like shit. I wanted to ride more 'til I felt better but it wasn't happening so in the end I just came back to the hotel. It was a nice ride even though I don't feel too good. Although it's a rest day, the day just seems to go too fast. There always seems to be something to do, whether it's an interview; re-organising the suitcase; getting a little bit of extra body work done. It all takes time and seems like work when all you really want to do is just sit down and do something non-cycling related. As strange as it may sound, even sleeping seems like work 'cause you know you need to do it to help the recovery.

I'm more than a little afraid about the next couple of stages. I was really tired last night after the stage and although I slept like a baby last night (what a stupid saying that is considering our first child hardly ever slept!), I'm not really feeling much better today. I really feel like I could sleep for a month. Maybe yesterday's crash has knocked me about more than usual, or more than likely it's because we're 2/3rds through the Tour de France and that's enough to make anyone tired. Anyway the show will go on and I will try and survive!

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