What? Lance Worry?

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07/1/2004| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Lance Armstrong? Will he succeed with his kick-for-six? Stay tuned to Roadcycling.com to find out!
Lance Armstrong? Will he succeed with his kick-for-six? Stay tuned to Roadcycling.com to find out!

What? Lance Worry?

Find out why Lance will succeed with his kick-for-six.

I don?t know what all the worry is about. We?re talking about a guy who has won the most difficult and prestigious bicycle race in the world five times in a row. Do you think that scares a guy who survived a tougher battle after being diagnosed with cancer? Lance lives, eats, and breathes for the Tour de France. He could probably ride the L?Alpe d?Huez in his sleep?backwards!



Last year was certainly and eye opener after ?routine? expectations did not evolve. I believe fear may have crept into the mind of 4-time, am I going to win the 5 th champion.  Fear may destroy some people while it seems to morph into determination for Lance. Vulnerability is not an option for Armstrong this year and he will be prepared. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /?>


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, on Jan, Roberto, Iban, Haimer, and Alex! This is a wish list for Santa Claus!

If these stars and their respective teams chip away, the Posties will have their work cut out for them. Will other T-Mobile riders be held back to help Jan win stages? I think they should give Lance the one-two punch! Zubeldia and Mayo could do the same. With Heras, it all depends on his consistency (or lack of it).


I hope Lance wins the prologue so we don?t have to listen to the panicked announcers exclaim Lance is in trouble.

Stage 10 might be exciting as the French celebrate independence day.

How long will it take for Lance to assert himself in the mountains? I think he should start at stage 12 while those smarter than me think it should be stage 13.

At any rate, I don?t think he should wait until the TT on stage 16 to show us he can climb. The time trial will be a tougher challenge going solo. Lance needs to put the nail in the coffin on stage 17. Any close challengers to GC have to be stopped here.


Lance has the team to back him up along with the technology. He has had rocket scientists working on him and his bike for crying out loud! All the preparation has been done. It is the unforeseen that could make the difference between a glorious record setting victory or one of the biggest letdowns in sports history. It could be someone hooking his bars or a bee sting (just ask Jonathan Vaughters!)


Oh yeah, how about a big welcome to the new guy, Mario Cipollini. Maybe this young, injured, 37-year-old sprinter can beat some kid named Petacchi! Go Super Mario! I hope your last Tour will be an honorable one as it was with Ja Ja.

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