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07/20/2004| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin

The Week That Was...

Ian comments on the happenings in the world of cycling.



Over the past few months, I?ve had all sorts of emails sent in to me asking me a whole host of questions some of which I?ve been able to answer, some I?ve not and others that I had just forgotten about.  Since I?m boycotting Tour talk this week, I figured I should try and get through a few of these questions...


1. Do you know how I can contact Jan Ullrich? Drop the big guy an email at jan@janullrich.de

2. How do I get a job on the Tour de France?  The TdF is organized by the Amaury Sport Organisation in
.  Their website is at www.aso.fr. Alternatively, just send them your resume to Amaury Sport Organisation, 2 Rue
de Lisle ,
Moulineaux, France.  (Any luck with a job and my cut is a meager 10%!)

3. How do I get a job with a pro team?  Now this one is quite simple really ­ grovel!  Grovel and be prepared to work for next to nothing until you?ve racked up so much experience that you?re unsuitable for any other occupation and you never know, by then you may just get put in charge of washing the bidons each night!  Seriously, the only real way into this tight knit community is to knock on doors and keep knocking.  Offer your services and then knock some more. Good luck!

4. Why do sunglasses cost so much?  Don?t know but they look pretty cool, huh!

5. What tire pressures do riders use on each stage of the Tour de France? This really depends on the rider, stage, weather conditions and also the specific brand of tire or tub.  Pressures can vary anywhere from 90-120 psi with the higher pressures generally put into the tubs.


I also want you to know that Roadcycling.com succeeded at raising $1,775 for the Tyler Hamilton Foundation in our recent Tyler Hamilton signed jersey auction. We thank our readers for your help with making the auction a success and hope that the money will be helpful to the Tyler Hamilton Foundation.


Support our Tour coverage by telling your friends about it and write your favorite cycling product manufacturers letting them know you enjoy our coverage, and asking them to support us by advertising with us. Know anyone who is going to the Tour and would be willing to send us photos, reports or paint "Roadcycling.com" on the French roads for the TV cameras to pick up? Contact us at info@roadcycling.com.


Enjoy the final week of that thing that we?re not mentioning .  See you back here, same time, same place, next week.





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