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02/24/2004| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin
Pantani funeral. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.
Pantani funeral. Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.

The Week That Was...

Ian comments on the happenings in the world of cycling.

in and out of competition.    The concept behind this is to eventually provide potential employers with a database which can be used to conduct background checks on new signings, removing the opportunity for managers to play their ?we didn?t know? card. Also included in the UCI letter was a summary of results from last season?s drug testing. 5,205 urine samples were conducted:   4,918 proved to be negative; 220 results showed traces of banned substances but which were allowed for a medical reason, whilst 67 tests (1.29%) positive results.   Over 3000 blood tests were conducted showing that the pro peloton had an average blood hematocrit level of 43.9% - considerably lower than the allowed limit of 50%.   During the coming season the UCI hopes to introduce a test to detect cases of blood transfusions which again has become vogue with athletes, often used in addition to a course of EPO.

Meanwhile, Philip Gaumont, the rider caught up at the centre of the Cofidis drugs scandal last week received the inevitable news that his contract with the French first division team had been terminated.   "I was expecting it.   After my earlier discussion with Alain Bondue about being terminated, I knew I was heading in this direction. I don't wish this on anyone, but I'm not in complete agreement with the reasons given for my being fired.?   Gaumont went on to say that "it's definitive, cycling is over (for me). On the other hand, what is not finished is the problem that exists in cycling. Based on what I know, the courts and the police haven't finished talking about these problems this year."


Finally, February 18 th 2004 will go down in the history books as the day that Marco Pantani was laid to rest in his hometown of
Cesenatico, Italy, where tens of thousands of mourners lined the streets to pay their last respects to a great champion of both Italian and our sport.

Marco, grazie per le memorie.   Ci avete fornito determinati momenti di ispirazione che non dimenticheremo mai.   Potete riposarsi nella pace.   Il dio benedice.


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