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05/27/2003| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin

The Week That Was...

Ian Melvin comments on the happenings in the world of cycling

The Societe du Tour de
was quick to respond, offering the team the vacant 22 nd spot.   ?Finally we?re there? said Team Director Rudy Pevenage.   ?We?re going to work overtime to make sure Jan can race for the first time in the Bianchi jersey on May 31 st?.  Suddenly this year?s event is looking a little more appealing.


As for Lance and his tour preparation, Director Dirk Demol has said that the man himself is presently undergoing his usual pre tour preparation with a month spent in France going over all the key stages of this year?s event ? you have been warned.   One, his reign will come to an end though.   Who will take over from him?   Ex-Banesto pro Jean Francois Bernard, now a commentator for Eurosport thinks he may have the answer.   During a stage of this year?s Tour de Romandie he noted on camera that ?Today I saw the new Armstrong.   And his name in Francisco Perez?.   There, you?ve been told.   And for those who doubt my ability to pick out the top tips, does anybody remember Tom Steels a few weeks ago on this very page stating that the next stage of his comeback was a win?   Well Tom has just taken the first stage of this year?s Tour of Belgium at the head of a speeding bunch.


For the end of the story this week though, it?s back to
and the Giro.   Following his stunning stage wins, Cipo spectacularly crashed out of this years event at the finish of stage 11 with under 2km left to go and the bunch maneuvered around a corner.   Although able to pick himself up and cross the finish line, Mario was later taken to hospital for x-rays which showed no fractures or broken bones.   Such were his injuries however that he was unable to start the following day.   He did however manage to haul himself to the start village to talk to the press and fans about stage 12 and the severity of his injuries, which were such that it was necessary to be pushed around in a wheelchair!   Once a showman always a showman I guess.   And what of stage 12?   Oh, that would have been the one about the day of endless climbing ending with an ascent of the feared Monte Zancolan!   Some things will never change.   This year?s Tour just won?t be the same without him.   Grazias Mario.


See ya next week!


Ian Melvin


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