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10/17/2005| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin
Jan Ullrich. Photo copyright Tommy Murphy/Roadcycling.com.
Jan Ullrich. Photo copyright Tommy Murphy/Roadcycling.com.

The Week That Was...

Ian comments on the happenings in the world of cycling.

affairs are oriented, the media get their public, the laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry are making profits with it and publicity. Doping pays, and that's an important factor. Those who invest in doping control machines want their cash to be returned, their business to be profitable ."

Merckx went on to add that as WADA policies currently stand, he was not entirely behind them.   "Doping should be redefined to know where it starts, and where it ends. In
, a particular product is considered curative treatment for soccer players, but doping for cyclists. It's always double standard. I've always believed in the fight against doping, but I've never been in favour of 'zero tolerance', and never will be. It's not realistic and it's not compatible with the high level sport

Perhaps if more riders, current and former, had the resolve and strength to stand up and demand a review of current policies and practices, we might one day find a sport free of drugs.

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