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09/19/2005| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin

The Week That Was...

Ian comments on the happenings in the world of cycling.

director Adri van Houwelingen said, "Maybe after the weekend, it will sink into everyone that we have achieved a top performance here. With not all that strong of a team, without helpers with climber's qualities, and with a team that kept getting smaller. But certainly with an exceptional talent, because that's what Denis is."



He went on to defend the team selection in light of the rising criticism towards the lack of support for Menchov.  "We deliberately sent this team to
. Rabobank has to achieve top performances for the whole year. Many Spanish teams that were here, only aim at the Vuelta. You have to take that into account. It's unfortunate, but Denis Menchov also was completely in accord with the make up of the team. He really wanted to make up for his Tour here. It was his choice and it worked out great."


For his part in the race, Sastre finished in his best ever result in a major stage race, obviously pleasing his team management.  Sports director Kim Andersen told that, "Carlos did really well in the Vuelta and he fully deserves his spot on the podium.  He?s an all-round rider and it's great to see him prove it with a nice result such as this. It takes a lot to achieve a podium spot in the Vuelta, and I think he's been one of the prominent riders in this race - just as we as a team have been up front in nearly all stages. We took a brilliant stage victory, and with a little luck we could've taken a couple more.?



The Tour is the Tour, French to the bone and the epitome of professional bicycle racing.  The Giro offers the romanticism that only an Italian event could.  Passion, tifosi, beautiful girls, Vespa?s, Chianti and Espresso?  Give me la Vuelta any day however.  Disorganized and laid back as only the Spanish can be.  The race offers the unexpected from start to finish, a rawness to the bike racing which is hard to find anywhere else on the planet.  Get up close to the riders, smell their sweat, touch them as they ride past.  Through forests of citrus trees, along the Mediterranean coast and over snow-capped Pyrenean mountains. Congratulations from everybody at Roberto, we?ll see you same time, same place next year.


Thank you to everybody who took the time last week to write in with regards to the on-going Lance Armstrong VS L?Equipe story.  From the reaction of you, many believe the lab and newspaper to be quite clearly in the wrong - irrespective of the lab results.


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