UCI Attempts to Block USADA Charges Against Lance Armstrong

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08/3/2012| 0 comments
by AP and Roadcycling.com
UCI president Pat McQuaid. Photo Fotoreporter Sirotti.
UCI president Pat McQuaid. Photo Fotoreporter Sirotti.

UCI Attempts to Block USADA Charges Against Lance Armstrong

UCI - Cycling's international governing body is trying to block the case American anti-doping officials filed against Lance Armstrong.

is said to be based on witness statements only," McQuaid said. "UCI has no other information than that potential witnesses were approached by USADA and that advantages were promised in return for incriminating statements. This is problematic as well."

That letter prompted an angry response by USADA.

"This is a complete 'about face' from the UCI's prior public statements regarding this case within the past month," USADA general counsel William Bock III wrote in a 14-page letter to McQuaid on July 26. "You were correct in the first media statements that you made in which you opined that USADA is the correct results management authority and can impose sanctions in these cases."

Bock said UCI's initial public statements "reflect a waiver of any right by the UCI to conduct results management in this case" and that USADA has authority conferred upon it by the U.S. Olympic Committee and by UCI's anti-doping rules.

Citing the 2007 report on drug use in baseball by former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, which claimed the sport was ineffective at policing itself, Bock wrote "the evidence is even stronger that cycling under the management of the UCI has been enmeshed in its own EPO and blood doping era.

"By our count, of the 21 podium finishers at the Tour de France during the period from 1999-2005, only a single rider other than Mr. Armstrong was not implicated in doping by a subsequent investigation. Yet, only a single one of these riders had a positive test with the UCI."

U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks gave Armstrong's lawyers until the end of Friday to file their response to USADA's motion to dismiss the lawsuit after an argument over whether the cyclist's legal team had missed a deadline.

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