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06/29/2004| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen
Tyler Hamilton - Will he win this year's Tour de France?
Tyler Hamilton - Will he win this year's Tour de France?

Tyler Hamilton Jersey Auction

Bid on Roadcycling.com's signed copy of Tyler's jersey and cap to support the Tyler Hamilton Foundation.


Roadcycling.com and the Tyler Hamilton Foundation have joined forces to run a Tour de France auction in which you can bid on Tyler Hamilton?s Phonak jersey as used in the Tour de France, and a Roadcycling.com cycling cap. Both items are signed by <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /?>
?Captain Courageous? Hamilton himself.


All proceeds from the auction will go to the Tyler Hamilton Foundation, which provides  opportunity and access for people affected by multiple sclerosis and for aspiring young athletes with a passion for cycling .<?xml:namespace prefix = o /?>


Note: Bidding has now closed. Roadcycling.com succeeded at raising $1,775 for the Tyler Hamilton Foundation. We thank our readers for your help with making the auction a success and hope that the money will be helpful to the Tyler Hamilton Foundation.


All Roadcycling.com staff members recall the summer of 2003 where Tyler Hamilton managed to fight his way through the whole Tour de France and complete the race in four th place overall -- with a fractured collarbone.



As a young cyclist, Tyler Hamilton developed physical strength, mental toughness, and the ability to work towards goals that were incredibly daunting. However, it was not until he began working with people with MS that he learned the meaning of real courage in the face of adversity. Supporting the Tyler Hamilton Foundation is his and your opportunity to give something back to both of these amazing communities.



Personal note from Tyler Hamilton:

"I want to thank Roadcycling.com for joining me and the Tyler Hamilton Foundation in our efforts to support individuals with multiple sclerosis and aspiring young cyclists.  I hope that all roadcycling.com readers take a moment to participate in this auction benefiting our mission to help thousands of individuals find hope and follow their dreams."
Tyler Hamilton signature


This is your big chance to support a good cause and get two true collector?s items at the same time?Place your bid on the signed Phonak jersey and Roadcycling.com cycling cap today!


Check out Roadcycling.com?s Tour de France coverage at http://www.roadcycling.com/events/tdf2004/


For more info on the Tyler Hamilton Foundation and its Tour de France-related events, visit http://www.tylerhamiltonfoundation.org/



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