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07/27/2004| 0 comments
by Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton Diary

Watching the Tour on television was something I had hoped would be reserved for retirement.

a huge accomplishment considering he lost over three minutes in the team time trial due to a mechanical, and did an unbelievable amount of work for me in the first ten days of the race. The team finished sixth out of 21 teams which was also impressive. And watching Nicolas Jalabert duke it out for second place in stage 14 was a highlight as well. We still consider ourselves a growing and developing team, so I hope everyone can use the 2004 Tour as a springboard for the future.

My back is on the mend. I?ve started riding again which feels good. The heat has been cranked up to high here in
, which is just what the doctor ordered. I?m seeing a number of specialists to design a good recovery program. So far the MRIs and X-Rays have been negative for fractures and tears. Damage can be a little difficult to detect when there is as much swelling as I have, so we are keeping a close eye on things, and will do follow up scans next week to confirm what we hope is true.

Many thanks to everyone who has written, called, emailed and stopped us to extend their condolences regarding Tugboat. Being home in Girona has forced reality to set in a little sooner than it would have. We sure do miss him around the house. But every day we get a little less sad, and a little more grateful for the time we shared with him. He was a great dog.

And finally, as if July wasn?t a tough enough month for me personally, I just want to make something clear.

I arrived home from
on Monday afternoon to read the story on the internet some of you have referenced in the guestbook on my website. A former part-time team physician has made derogatory public statements about me and my former USPS teammates. This is not the first time this man has done this. (reference: Velonews).

It has always been my policy to try take a high road and keep some thoughts to myself. But I also realize there are a lot of young cyclists who follow my career, so it is on their behalf that I will finally respond.

The claim that, I along with another teammate, approached a team doctor and asked him questions about doping products back in 1996 is absolutely false. I swear on my wife?s life and the grave of my dog that I never asked that man about anything of the sort. If you know anything about me, you know this is as emphatic as I can be. I'm truly saddened to have to respond publicly to such an accusation.

Thanks for reading.

Tyler Hamilton


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