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07/20/2004| 0 comments
by Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton Diary

Back in Spain.

so.  I would take the pain of two broken collarbones over this any day ? and keep riding if I could.  But something has come unplugged.  So it?s time to rest and start thinking about the races up the road.  I?m hoping to be well enough to still compete in
.  And there?s always the Vuelta to consider.  But first things first, which for now is recovery. Coming off of the emotional stress of losing Tugboat, the disappointment of abandoning the Tour is in perspective.  I know there will be another Tour de France next year.  And I?m already looking forward to it.

But this year?s race is not over, and team Phonak is going to be going hard straight through to
.  I spoke to Nicolas Jalabert last night after his long day in the breakaway and his impressive second place and he said "Man, I tried so hard to win for you today."  This kind of loyalty and friendship means the world to me.  All things considered I?m a very lucky guy.  My wife and I will be heading to
this weekend to cheer the boys home.  It?s a moment I?m looking forward to.

I?ll be back with more thoughts about the Tour in the coming days.  And I will also share some of my stories about my final days and experiences with Tugboat as well.  

Thanks for your support and thanks for reading.

Tyler Hamilton


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