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06/21/2005| 0 comments
by Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton Diary

The last month or so has been kind of a blur.

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Thanks to all of you who continue to check in and send messages of support. I apologize for not writing an update sooner. The last month or so has been kind of a blur.

After the verdict in the USADA case, Haven and I took a little break and headed south to
. After seven months of stress we needed a breather. We spent a few days on the Gulf at a friend?s vacation home. Although we were there to try and take a break from my case, it was really never far from our minds. It?s the kind of ordeal that just lives with you no matter where you are. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /?>

But we returned home ready to gear up for round #2. The outpouring of support we?ve received has really been tremendous. The number of physicians and researchers who have contacted me since this madness all started, and especially since the ruling in April, has been overwhelming. This support has meant a lot to us. Not only because it has helped shed light on the issues with the HBT test and my results, but because it has also confirmed that we are not grasping at straws questioning the things we have so far.

This has been the first spring I?ve spent in the
in about ten years. It?s also the longest stretch I?ve gone in about 15 years without some major traveling. The adjustment has been kind of challenging at times but there have been some advantages to being in CO in the springtime. I?ve been able to do a couple of rides I?ve never done before.

Last week a couple of my buddies and I rode from
and back. It was about 150 miles round trip with about 22,000 feet of climbing. The top of
is at 14,100 feet. It was an epic day but good fun as well.

Prior to that I was able to ride

Trail Ridge Road

. It summits at around 12,000 feet. I rode up there a couple of days after the road opened. They cleared the way by carving through about 12 feet of snow. I felt like I was riding through a tunnel at the top.

I?ve been riding my mountain bike a lot as well, and have been working off some of my frustration cutting trails around my home. The nicest part of living where we do is that I can pick and choose rides depending on weather or whatever I?m in the mood for. The variety keeps things interesting. It?s hard to train every day out on the road without a specific goal in mind.

I?m heading over to
Europe soon to do a little training and meet with Cecco to see where my fitness level is at the moment. He?s been helping me keep my focus throughout this whole ordeal but we haven?t been doing a lot of specific work lately. I had been training pretty hard up to the middle of April, so I would


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