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04/18/2005| 0 comments
by Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton Diary

I threw forward my arm, and said ? "It?s a mistake. Take another sample".

be a long shot for an early June transfusion to be visible at the late date of 9/11 ? but went on to allege that I must have been ?topping off my blood supply with 100 milliliter transfusions throughout the summer? for my tests to come out the way they did.

This raises a few questions ? the first being what would topping off a blood supply with shot glass size transfusions accomplish other than keeping the chances of testing positive alive? And why would anyone go to the trouble or risk to their health to do this? This allegation, above all, made me wonder just how invested these researchers were in understanding the practice they were trying to eradicate.

My case is a very complicated one. I could write on and on about the issues we raised, the personal toll all this has had on me, my family and my sponsors and why I think the anti-doping process could be improved. In the days ahead I?ll share more.

Thanks for reading.

Tyler Hamilton


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