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04/18/2005| 0 comments
by Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton Diary

I threw forward my arm, and said ? "It?s a mistake. Take another sample".

to determine if everything would be okay. He was arrested by police after accepting the bribe. Nine days later, the Pro Tour teams were announced and Phonak was told for the first time, they would be left off the list

Circumstantial Support: When they told me I had tested positive I was in discussions with Phonak for a two year extension to my contract that would have taken me through 2007, when I would be 36 years old. I had ten individual sponsors, a foundation, a touring company and a film project on my plate. My life had never been more secure. This was not a time to risk everything. And I never would have.

In addition, the allegations made during my hearing were that I transfused once in the winter and again in early June. This simply doesn?t make any sense. A transfusion in January or February would be pointless since I did not start racing until March. In addition, a wintertime transfusion would not result in low reticulocyte or high hematocrit counts in late April or early May.

The spring is an important racing period, but it?s not a time when I have any pressure on me to perform. I was happy to win the Tour of Romandie in May, but my goal for the season was seeing how well I could do at the Tour de France.

In June, I finished second at the Dauphine Libere but never once attacked during the race. No one with objectives for the Tour wants to be flying a month ahead of schedule. Winning the Dauphine was not important to me or my team. Getting to the Tour healthy and ready to go was. So there?s no logic in the argument that I could have taken a transfusion in early June.

And finally, I would never risk my health or my wife?s health for the sake of racing. That just goes without saying.

Normal Values: My hematocrit, hemoglobin and reticulocyte readings ? that were of such discussion in the spring, were absolutely normal for the key time periods of my season. My scores all through the Tour de France, Olympics and Vuelta were in a range consistent with ten years of health data I have saved. From my perspective, this is an important point that seemed to have been discounted during my hearing.

When you add my major injuries in the Tour de France that left me with hematomas in my lower back and deep bruises to my kidneys and spine ? plus two additional crashes in the Dauphine and Vuelta where I suffered additional bruises and abrasions ? it gets difficult to defend the presence of a foreign blood transfusion taken in early June being visible in tests conducted in mid September. My body would have been working over time to heal those injuries ? especially the bruises. And that recovery would have flushed away any evidence of the alleged June transfusion.

One expert who helped develop the test and who also testified against me during my hearing agreed that it would


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