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04/11/2005| 0 comments
by Tyler Hamilton
Tyler Hamilton. Photo copyright Unipublic.
Tyler Hamilton. Photo copyright Unipublic.

Tyler Hamilton Diary

We are in Europe as I type this.

Many thanks to all of you who helped make the Tyler Hamilton Foundation Online Auction and Gala back in Boston such a big success. It was nice to be ?home? and to connect with so many of you who share in our mission to eradicate MS and help young cyclists.

Over the last year we were able to accomplish our goal ? which was to get the word out about our organization and begin to establish fund raising events that could grow in the years to come. I think we?ve found our niche with the MS Global ride in Europe, our Live Loud and Large screenings of the Tour de France stages, and our group rides in Colorado and California.

We are in Europe as I type this, planning out our route for the weeklong MS Global ride this fall. This year?s event will be even more exciting than last year?s which skirted the Mediterranean. We?ll be taking the group down a different route which will include a stop in Girona, Spain, the town most of the American cyclists competing in Europe call home.

We?re also gearing up to expand the Live Loud and Large screening of the Tour in more cities across the US this summer. Last year we were in about 20 cities. This year we hope to more than double that.

And in addition to these events, we?ll also be hosting our group rides in California and Colorado, which are meant to be low key affairs and a chance to ride in good company through some of great terrain. Information regarding these events is always available at tylerhamiltonfoundation.org.

Everyone at our foundation is grateful for the outpouring of support we?ve received in our first year. We are officially off and running. Even in our early stages of starting up, we?ve been able to make an impact on the MS and cycling communities. By partnering with the National MS Society to promote their rides across the country and supporting various amateur cycling teams and riders, we?ve been able to share your generosity with those we hope most to help. So thank you to everyone who?s supported our mission and for all you?ve done to make our accomplishments to date possible.

Outside of the foundation, life has been mostly about training over the last few weeks. It?s a little odd to be home during the spring. My wife and I keep thinking it?s January because that?s the last month we are used to being home. But the annual milestones like Easter, and paying taxes remind us that this year is different.

Luckily, the weather has been really great for training out west. We have experienced an unusually mild winter in Colorado. So that has meant I?ve been able to get out on the bike a lot. But I have to say that I?m pretty antsy to get racing again. It is tough to be at home when some of my favorite springtime races are going on.

We hope to have a verdict fairly soon in my case. It?s an odd feeling waiting for a group of people to decide your fate. But out of respect for the process we accept that these things can take time.

Thanks to all of you who have written in to express your support. I appreciate more than you know that so many of you have been checking this site for updates. Your patience and diligence are indicative of the cycling community at large, which I?ve come to find out over the years ? is an incredible group for sure.

Thanks for reading.

Tyler Hamilton

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