Tour of Flanders - a course change gone wrong

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04/1/2013| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
The Tour of Flanders was powerfully won by RadioShack’s Fabian Cancellara. On the Paterberg climb Fabs had another gear Fotoreporter Sirotti

Tour of Flanders - a course change gone wrong

Change isn't always for the best.

to be predictable. We want the underdog to win, or at least create a worthy challenge. With this current route that challenge is gone.

We need to be “catfished” and stir up the peloton to get that unpredictable result. While I know it is unlikely to ever happen I say bring back the Muur and Bosberg. Let the Decepticons win once in a while.

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Here goes Neil, trying to create news again. Neil just keeps adding to his "Twit" account.