Tour de France: Excitement and Heartbreak

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07/9/2013| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
Tour de France 2013: Team Sky Procycling's Christopher Froome Fotoreporter Sirotti

Tour de France: Excitement and Heartbreak

We're only a third completed and the grande boucle has already given us a roller coaster ride.

“men in black” from USADA approaching a friend and offering bribe money in exchange for false testimony.

I can forgive the occasional mistake in commentating. They are speaking for four hours or more and honest mistakes will be made. However, when you routinely mistake riders’ names, misidentify, or have a “men in black” USADA story of being offered bribe money, it’s time to go. End of story.

I was further disappointed by Omega Pharma-Quickstep directeur sportif Brian Holm. The Danish director told Cyclingnews that Lance Armstrong was the fifth “coolest rider” in history. Holm admits he’ll get people hating him for that comment, but he backs it up by saying, as he twisted his beard nervously, that the American brought a lot of people and excitement into the sport. Sure, Armstrong inspired people to become involved in cycling, but the excitement was turbo charged by the doping. Remember Mr. Holm, we’re trying not to encourage that type of excitement. Holm should ask Emma O’Reilly, John Walsh, Paul Kimmage, or the Andreus how “cool” Armstrong is. How cool would the Texan be to Holm if Armstrong had put his target sights on him and made it his personal mission to destroy him. I suspect we’d get a different answer.

We’re only one third of the way through the grande boucle and I fully expect to see more surprises and drama. You know that’s why we watch Le Tour de France ...

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"Stage 1 clusterf**k." Always a good time.