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06/29/2004| 0 comments
by Tom Southam
Tom Southam - Amore e Vita. Photo courtesy of .
Tom Southam - Amore e Vita. Photo courtesy of .

Tom Southam Diary

Hold on a second, we have an injury.

with enough motivation to keep me away from The Bar Lights and the Liquor for at least a little while longer.


So to get myself sharpened up I decided in the word's of Lance's bird that a change would do me good and left behind all things al dente and headed back to hang out with my mates in France for some solid k's and perhaps a petit verre or two. This did turn out to be a very good thing, firstly just to be in France doing things the French way a while, Italy is a great place but I don't really like staying in the same place for too long at a time and it'd been ages since I'd experienced the delights of a genuine Boulanger. Secondly because my next bunch of races were all round my old stomping ground in North West France so I was in the right place to do the business. Before hand there was the little matter of my birthday to celebrate in a reserved and moderate fashion, which as ever when celebrating with members of the French track squad ended up in a half empty gay bar in La Roch sur Yon. All good clean fun although on reflection I should have gone home with Brioche La Boulangers Tom Voekler before hand. As several days later in the winning break at A Travers a Morbihan, the effect of that extra Duvel became apparent when I slipped out of the break and potentially my first big result of the year and Tom went on to win his first French cup race. It's the little differences.


I don't think my liver could've been too stressed though as over the next two days I picked up my first couple of decent results with the big boys. I have a theory based on no fact whatsoever, as all my best theories seem to be, that you always go well around your birthday. I have put in some of my best rides at the end of May, including winning on the actual day not once but twice. I don't know if this is true for everyone, I certainly seem to read about plenty of riders who win on, or just after their anniversaire. With me it normally marks the change in my form for good and I get better (give or take a few ups and downs) up until the end of the season. It would be nice of course to be good before the end of May but maybe it?s just that it takes that long for my body to crank itself into decent shape.


Anyway it seemed that once again as summer approached I was finally coming into form and there would be no more days groveling at the back or calculating time limits. Cut to a village vaguely reminiscent of Noddy's
up in bonnie
(lots of daylight, saunas, wooden houses, trees, porridge etc, suspicious absence of Moomin activity..). Where I was doing battle in a criterium with Bianchi Scandinavia?s young


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