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06/5/2003| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin
Tom Danielson - Team Saturn
Tom Danielson - Team Saturn

Tom Danielson Interview

Success has taken Tom to the top of the 'Next Lance Armstrong' list.

or a bad thing?  Would you prefer to see a smaller, but more elite pro scene?
TD: I like that concept of more teams.  We need more teams to get more development.  All teams have to start out somewhere and I feel some of these new teams will become the next Saturn's.  Just look at Health Net.  They started out small and now they are a true force in US pro cycling.

IM: Who do you consider to be your main rival in the
this season?
TD: I would say Prime
.  They have a great mix a talent that cover all bases.  With guys like Jonathan Vaughters, Danny Pate, Dave Clinger, and Jona Carney, you can see that they have a talented guy for every style of race.  Truly this team has us on our feet at every event!

IM: Is there another rider coming through who you think we should keep an eye out for?
TD: I'm so new that I don't think I am the best guy to ask, but I think my teammate Phil Ziajcek is ready to win some races.  For what I have heard he has been constantly improving over the years, and from what I have seen he is one of the most talented riders out there.  Watch out for him at
this year!

IM: Looking ten years down the line, what do you hope to have achieved in road racing?
TD: I don't want to say too much, but it has to do with a certain race in

IM: How are things now you're back from the peace race - I've read that you and Nathan O'Neill both took sick?
TD: Getting better...It was discouraging to go over to a race that suits you with good form and get sick.  Then travel home sick.  That was tough.  But I feel that my second place at TT nationals and winning the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic and breaking the 7 year-old record shows that I am resilient and can bounce back.

IM: Thanks for taking the time to talk to Tom and good luck for the rest of your season.

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