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06/5/2003| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin
Tom Danielson - Team Saturn
Tom Danielson - Team Saturn

Tom Danielson Interview

Success has taken Tom to the top of the 'Next Lance Armstrong' list.

Cycling program.  He has taken my natural talents and modeled me into a professional racer.  He comes on every training ride with me, whether it is behind in the Saturn VUE, or in front on my scooter, he makes sure I do every workout perfectly.

IM: How has this year gone for you so far?  What are your goals for the remainder of the season?
TD: The year has obviously been a success.  With the highlight being the Tour de Langkawi victory, wins at Pomona Valley and Iron Horse (record), 3rd overall at Redlands and a stage win, 2nd overall at Sea Otter, and 2nd at Time Trial Nationals things seem to be moving in the right direction.  Of course, my goals are over across the
Atlantic Ocean so everything between now and then is a bonus and a critical learning experience.  

IM: There has been a lot of talk about you being the next 'big'
stage race rider.  How are you dealing with this?  Do you really pay much attention to what the press writes about you?
TD: Sure, it is nice to hear, but the reality is I have to make it happen.  People can say all they want, but for me I want to go out there and do it.  I try not to pay too much attention to the press because I really need to focus on myself.  I know my goals and it is just extra motivation to know that people are behind you!

IM: You are part of a wave of mountain bike riders who are crossing over into road racing?  Why is this happening?
TD: Well, I'm not really sure.  My best explanation is the fact that when I was introduced to cycling, the mid 90's, mountain biking was raging.  It was everywhere and the most popular bike being sold was a mountain bike.  To be honest, I really did not know all that much about the road simply because everywhere you looked it was mountain biking.  I would guess many of these guys who are switching over to road were in the same situation.  Today, and before the mid 90's, road cycling is the most popular and you see many new cyclists starting on the road.  I feel my strengths are best used on the road, but mountain biking was simply my gateway into the cycling world.

IM:  Have you had an opportunity to race much in
Europe yet?  How have you found this?
TD: I have not really had many opportunities to race in
Europe, but I have against European pelotons in other locations.  The Tour of
and the Tour de Langkawi were against good European fields with obviously the latter race being against a top European field.  I really enjoyed the faster, more selective style of racing.  Add that with difficult mountainous races and I am at home!

IM: What are your views on the present state of the
race scene?  There seems to be a lot of smaller pro teams coming through - good thing

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