Teutenberg Wins Wachovia Liberty Classic

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06/6/2005| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen

Teutenberg Wins Wachovia Liberty Classic

Teutenberg sprints to Wachovia Liberty Classic title.

Alison Fischer (USA) East Coast Velo

DNF Grace Fleury (USA) Team Quark

DNF Kim Foland (USA) Travelgirl Magazine

DNF Sami Fournier (USA) Velo Bella

DNF Pauline Frascone (USA) Verducci Breakaway

DNF Elisa Gagnon (Can) Team Lipton

DNF Genevieve Gagon (Can) Canadian National Team

DNF Anna Garnett (Can) Team Biovail

DNF Oliva Gollan (Aus) Equipe Nurnberger

DNF Stefanie Graeter (USA) Webcor Builders

DNF Jenn Green (USA) Travelgirl Magazine

DNF Tracey Grimshaw (Can) Travelgirl Magazine

DNF Caroline Hacker (USA) Velo Bella

DNF Susan Hefler (USA) Easton Specialized

DNF Pam Hinton (USA) Velo Girls

DNF Nonnie Howard (USA) Verducci Breakaway

DNF Shannon Hutchison (USA) BMW Bianchi

DNF Angela Johnson (USA) Bicycle John's

DNF Ashley Kimmet (USA) Colavita Cooking Light

DNF Rebecca Koh (USA) Velo Girls

DNF Katherine Lambden (USA) Team Lipton

DNF Heather Lamson (Can) Canadian National Team

DNF Rebecca Larson (USA) Colavita Cooking Light

DNF Amanda Lawrence (USA) Verducci Breakaway

DNF Madeleine Lindberg (Swe) Equipe Nurnberger

DNF Mandy Lozano (USA) BMW Bianchi

DNF Jennifer Magur (USA) Team Biovail

DNF Lynn Maldonado (USA) Amoroso's Bicycle Therapy

DNF Mindi Martin (USA) Velo Girls

DNF Veronica Martinez (Arg) Amoroso's Bicycle Therapy

DNF Rosy McCall (NZl) Team Fuji

DNF Cara McCauley (USA) BMW Bianchi

DNF Leeanne Menderson (Aus) Hub Racing

DNF Anna Mikowski (USA) Team Lipton

DNF Diane Miller, (USA) Easton Specialized

DNF Elizabeth Morse (USA) Team Fuji

DNF Ellen Moses (USA) Velo Girls

DNF Rebecca Nelson (Can) Team Biovail

DNF Shiela Orem (USA) Kenda Tire

DNF Zoe Owers (USA) Team Lipton

DNF Sue Palmer Komar (Can) Colavita Cooking Light

DNF Lynn Patchett (Can) Amoroso's Bicycle Therapy

DNF Martina Patella (USA) Easton Specialized

DNF Melissa Petty (USA) Team Fuji

DNF Catherine Powers (USA) Amoroso's Bicycle Therapy

DNF Niiki Raspa (USA) Hub Racing

DNF Beth Renaud (USA) Velo Girls

DNF Chrissy Saraceni (USA) Verducci Breakaway

DNF Kristy Scheffenacker (USA) Velo Bella

DNF Patricia Schwager (Sui) Subway

DNF Betsy Sellers (USA) Kenda Tire

DNF Amanda Shaw (Can) Team Biovail

DNF Patty Shoaf (USA) BMW Bianchi

DNF Diana Sosnowski (USA) East Coast Velo

DNF Lisa Sweeney (Can) Canadian National Team

DNF Irene Thomas Johnson (USA) Bicycle John's

DNF Jenney Trew (Can) Canadian National Team

DNF Christine Vardaros (USA) Velo Bella

DNF Tara Walhart (USA) Verducci Breakaway

DNF Emily Westbrook (USA) Subway

DNF Lindsey Wetzel (USA) Velo Girls

DNF Anke Wichmann (Ger) Equipe Nurnberger


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