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04/25/2014| 0 comments
by Neil Browne
Are we “Stravaing” ourselves away from enjoying the ride and instead focused on the group mentality of getting the fastest time? Fotoreporter Sirotti

Strava and Contador

Strava is a part of cycling, but is that good? Also, Alberto Contador comes clean.

Quite the opposite. Use Strava, Garmin Connect, Training Peaks , or whatever to track and monitor your rides. These, and several like it, are valuable tools for training. However, don't let every KOM challenge become a taunt or affront to your fitness. Take a deep breath and ride through the section knowing you were sticking to your training plan or just enjoying the moment and nature on the ride. Of course there's another option - don't join any athletic social media sites and just ride. That was good enough for Eddy Merckx.

Contador Comes Clean

In an exclusive interview with Alberto Contador is surprisingly candid about the recent 10 year ban handed down to Johan Bruyneel by the American Arbitration Association.

What is surprising is that one of the three other defendants in the case, Jose “Pepe” Martí, claims that there was no way he could have administered doping products to USADA’s witness to the doping, Levi Leipheimer. The now retired Leipheimer claims that “Pepe” was supplying the go-go juice during the 2007 Dauphine Libere. Martí counter claims that that he couldn’t have stuck a needle in Levi’s muscular glutes as he was working with Alberto Contador during that time.

On the surface that statement throws a lot of suspicion and questions onto Contador. A trainer with a shady background claims to work for Contador? You’d think Al would be ruffled by that statement as it implies that by “working with” means supplying him with “the good stuff.” Instead El Pistolero picked up his mobile phone and promptly called into the headquarters to set the record straight.

Rolling his “r” with excitement Alberto said, “I’m rrreally glad this is finally out in the open. Yes Pepe was with me at the Dauphine, but it is with much serenity that I can say nothing nefarrrrious occurred.”

When pushed about why Pepe, a man know for a reputation as someone who transported and sold performance enhancing drugs, would be in the service of Contador, the Spaniard was eager to explain.  

“I barely knew the guy. For the longest time I thought he was the Bruyneel’s brother-in-law. Pepe was always hanging with JB and running errands on his motorbike.”

When asked if Bruyneel’s ban and the subsequent controversy might affect his form for the upcoming Tour de France, Contador was a bit guarded.

“I’ve had a good sensations in the legs so far, but there are many protagonists in this year’s Tour. Froome’s girlfriend has posted to Instagram his skinny veiny legs. Anyone that malnourished is bound to be a threat for the GC.”

Contador’s current team Tinkoff-Saxo is owned by Russian gazillionaire Oleg Tinkov. In the past Tinkov has been publicly critical of Contador. However, that seems to be in the past as Oleg wrote in his blog, “that's why I criticized him (Contador) and tried to motivate him; I knew he could deliver so much more.” Is that truly the case and did Alberto become motivated by Oleg’s “Do it for the Gipper” speech?

After much hesitation Alberto replied, “Honestly

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