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12/25/2012| 0 comments
by Neil Browne
Lance Armstrong Fotoreporter Sirotti

Status Updates

What are the updates on the suspended riders? I've got answers and a few guesses.

would be slapped with perjury charges if he did. The disgraced rider could face prison time if he admitted to all the doping shenanigans. I don’t expect to read that he’s admitting to anything more than over-watering his lawn. However, he did tweet several weeks ago about a lunch with author Doug Brinkley. Armstrong called the lunch with Brinkley “insightful.”

Brinkley interviewed Armstrong for Vanity Fair magazine back in 2008 when he un-retired and was making a return to the Tour de France. It’s a good interview and, as I read it now, kinda funny as Armstrong mulls over running for a political office in 2014. In his defense we have elected far shadier people than Armstrong, so maybe not such a crazy idea.

Other than a journalist, Brinkley is a professor at Rice University and has written numerous books from politics to profiles of musicians. Perhaps it was nothing more than a friendly lunch between the two, but I think Brinkley could write the official tell-all Armstrong book.

As I mentioned the only hold-up is his sworn testimony stating he didn’t dope. Right now Armstrong’s personal sponsors have left him behind much like he did his opponents during the dirty Tour years. Plus he’s being sued by the London Times for over a million dollars. Let’s not forget the billable hours that it’s going to cost Lance to keep his cadre of lawyers processing paperwork.

Maybe he admits to doping, spills his guts about everything, and makes some restitution? Armstrong gets Brinkley to write the mother of all tell-all books and paint him as a victim. “Everyone was doing it. I never forced the needle into my teammates’ veins, etc…” There is no shortage of examples of Americans giving a public figure a second chance. Could the general public overlook Armstrong’s past of doping coercion and forgive?

Only a small percentage of people took the time to read the rider affidavits in the USADA report and probably don’t know how much the former Tour winner strong-armed his teammates to get on the team’s doping program. If you look at any article, Facebook or his Twitter timeline you can still see Armstrong sympathizers leaving comments bashing USADA, WADA, ex-teammates, or leaving statements that he passed 500 tests so he must be innocent.

It’s a long shot I know. This possible scenario is ticking down like an egg timer because Johan Bruyneel is going to an USADA arbitration hearing in the new year. What if Bruyneel just gives up all the dirty laundry before Armstrong does? He needs to pull the trigger first and get that book out there! Of course this means throwing his Belgian director under the bus, but I don’t think Armstrong would lose a minute worth of sleep over that.

Speaking to someone familiar with the case they believe that while in theory Armstrong could face perjury charges, it’s unlikely anyone would pursue them, and the statute of limitations may have expired. At most he could be sued again and they would have to get in an ever increasing


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