Specific Skills and Drills for a Powerful Early Season

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04/3/2004| 0 comments
by Chris Carmichael

Specific Skills and Drills for a Powerful Early Season

Start the season with more grace and success.

meter icon during 15-20-minute intervals, you want your power to remain relatively stable throughout each of your intervals. If you?re power is too high at the start of the interval and it falls steadily as the interval progresses, you?d get more out of the intervals if you start out a slightly lower, but more sustainable power output. Your goal is to accumulate time at this given intensity rather than achieving a higher power that you can?t sustain for very long.


One of the funny things about cyclists is that our friendships are sometimes so related to our sport that we don?t see some ?friends? between the last race of one season to the first race of a new season. When you come out of hibernation and reenter the social and competitive environment of the racing peloton, arrive with grace and power and you?ll quickly become the alpha-racer.


Originally published in Cycle Sport magazine, March 2004. Chris Carmichael is Lance Armstrong?s personal coach, founder and CEO of Carmichael Training Systems (CTS), and author of The Ultimate Ride

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