Right Now Is The Right Time For Weight Loss

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02/24/2005| 0 comments
by Chris Carmichael

Right Now Is The Right Time For Weight Loss

To ride faster in May-August, focus on losing weight right now.

so before a workout, they often figure they?re going to run out of energy before the training session ends. As a result, they eat a lot (400-600 calories) in the hour prior to training. I?d rather see people eat a little less prior to these workouts, start them a little hungrier than normal, and consume more food than normal during the workout.


Aim for the upper half of the 30-60 grams of carbohydrate per hour range during these indoor workouts. That?s more energy than you?re probably used to consuming for relatively short training sessions, but a bottle of PowerBar Endurance and an energy gel is less total energy than what you normally consumed during the days when you were overcompensating for caloric demands of the workout. Within an hour after your workout, have a meal that?s rich in carbohydrates (.75-1.0 gram per kilogram of bodyweight) and includes some protein to replenish glycogen stores, and drink plenty of fluids.


A few months from now, your training will likely be much more demanding than it is right now. You can wait until then to lose your layer of winter insulation, but that?s going to make that portion of your training year even more strenuous. You?ll be better off making some small adjustments and losing most of the weight now, so you can devote all your energy, and all your food, to getting faster and more powerful.


Chris Carmichael is Lance Armstrong?s personal coach and author of ? Chris Carmichael?s Food for Fitness ?. To learn what CTS can do for you, visit http://www.trainright.com/.


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