Right Now Is The Right Time For Weight Loss

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02/24/2005| 0 comments
by Chris Carmichael

Right Now Is The Right Time For Weight Loss

To ride faster in May-August, focus on losing weight right now.

food. You don?t have to eliminate meals, go hungry, or only consume foods that can be eaten through a straw (don?t laugh, it?s an actual diet ?plan?). Try making small changes, such as reducing the amount of sauce your put on pasta, the amount of cheese or mayonnaise on a sandwich, or the number (and type) of lattes you drink:


?          Drink 12 ounces of water instead of a can of soda (150 cal.)

?          Each slice of cheese on your sandwich is about 90-110 calories. Try one slice instead of two, or substitute with low- or non-fat cheese slices (about 35-50 cal each.)

?          Stick to basic marinara or spaghetti sauce, which has about 75 calories per ? cup. Sauces with vegetables are good too, but watch out for the ones with meat and cheese, and avoid the cream sauces.

?          A Starbucks Grande Mocha with whole milk and whipped cream has 400 calories. The same drink with skim milk and no whipped cream is 230 calories, or you can just skip it altogether. Just skipping the whipped cream saves 100 calories.


Increase fiber intake

Foods that are high in fiber are more filling, so you end up feeling full faster, which means you tend to eat fewer calories. Fiber is the indigestible bulk in fruits, vegetables, and legumes, and it also has significant health benefits. High-fiber diets have been associated with lowering cholesterol and your risks of developing cardiovascular disease and some cancers. You should eat 25-30 grams of fiber each day, which is pretty easy to obtain through meals and snacks. What?s more, increasing the amount of fruit, vegetables, and legumes in your nutrition program also brings you more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Recommended Foods for Increasing Fiber Intake:



Fiber (grams)

Split peas (cooked)

1 cup


Black beans (cooked)

1 cup


All Bran Cereal

1/2 cup

10 - 13

Raspberries, Blackberries

1 cup


Pear (raw)

1 medium


Sweet potato (cooked)

1 medium



Don?t Overcompensate

With longer days still months away, many people must spend a lot of the training time indoors. In anticipation of evening workouts, some people consume much more food than necessary during the day.


For most of us training after work, sessions tend to last 60-90 minutes. While it?s important to start the ride with full glycogen stores, you don?t have to overload on food before a ride of less than two hours. Making some small changes to when you eat may lead you to eat less during the day while still preserving the quality of your training.


Always eat a good breakfast, one that is high in carbohydrate and moderate in protein. If your schedule allows, have a snack in the late morning and eat lunch a little later than normal, say 1:30-2:30 pm . This puts your last full meal closer to your evening workout, which means you won?t feel famished in the hour before you work out.


When athletes feel very hungry an hour or

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