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06/23/2004| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Finish Line Bike Wash.
Finish Line Bike Wash.

Product Reviews: Finishline Cleaning Products

Review of Finishline's well-known bike cleaning products.

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Now that you have your new apron on, it?s time to get down to business.


Years ago, the first cleaning products I purchased were the Finishline parts washer kit, grunge brush, chain cleaning kit, and eco tech degreaser. After years of use, I don?t have any regrets and only one minor complaint. I wish the tube on the sprayer nozzle in the parts cleaner kit was sturdier.


I don?t want to sound like a late night infomercial, but Finish Line products really are simple and effective. Use the Bike Wash by spraying on, letting it foam up, then rinse off. It cuts road grime and the ever present gunk that forms when lube and dirt mixes. No, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /?>
Bike Wash doesn?t harm the paint, tires, cables, or even the environment! You?ll have to talk to the chemist who started Finish Line Technologies Company to explain what?s in it. All I know is that it is effective.


If you need to get some stubborn grime from the nooks and crannies, the Grunge Brush conquers all! I use it to get between the front rings and cassette gears. Spray some Citrus Degreaser on the bristles of the brush and it will do the job. Yes, the three sided head of the Grunge Brush is great for cleaning chains but there is something even better for that.


It doesn?t do any good to clean the cassette and rings of you don?t clean the chain and vice versa. The Finish Line Bicycle Chain Cleaning Kit is a must. Open the top cover and slide it under the chain. Hook the idler arm over the derailleur. Pour in the Eco Tech 2 Degreaser, close the lid and turn the crank backwards. The chain cleaner remains in place and the chain is efficiently guided through it. There is no splattering while the three sets of brushes go to work. After a few seconds, unhook the cleaner and wipe down the chain. To complete the process, lube the chain with the supplied Teflon Plus lubricant.



Speaking of lube, don?t forget to do this step after cleaning. Finish Line Technologies didn?t stop with just cleaning products. If you are getting down and dirty doing a rebuild or putting in a new bottom bracket, there?s something for you. The syringe style container of Ti-Prep assembly lube will keep all threaded parts from seizing. This especially holds true for titanium and aluminum. I?ve never been afraid to torque down some ti bolts into an aluminum frame when I applied a speck of Ti-Prep. I was always able to loosen them without any trouble. To keep your bearings in new condition, the Premium Grease will protect them. I?ve used the Premium Grease in headset bearings that after three years of use looked new. Application is made easy with the Grease Injection Pump. The pump screws onto any 9/16 tube. Squeeze the bottom of the tube lightly to push the air out of the top of the


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