Preparing for your A races

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06/29/2005| 0 comments
by Tim Crowley - CTS Pro Coach

Preparing for your A races

Hard work and preparation lead to success.

Saturday and Sunday can be followed by 2 days of recovery. Another 1 or 2 quality days mid week can round out the training week. This is an effective method of increasing the total minutes of quality training in the week without over reaching or over training.

4.      Power Intervals- PI?s for short, are high intensity intervals lasting from 2-4 minutes at a very high power output. You will be anaerobic before the end of the interval. A 1:1 work to rest ratio is required between intervals. Search for hills that are similar in grade and length to those you will encounter in your key events. A total of 12-20 min of PI?s is sufficient.

Rest - This is a four-letter word for many athletes. But remember, it?s during the recovery phase that the body supercompensates and gets stronger. You are better off entering your big events slightly under trained, than any amount over trained.

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As you begin planning those ?A? races, it may be wise to plan some on consecutive weekends. This means that in the event of a family emergency, illness or a miss timed taper or just plain old bad luck, all is not lost. I have found that having several chances at a peak performance will aid in lowering the anxiety level of most athletes.

Successful races are earned through hard work and proper preparation. So let your training partners scratch their heads and wonder how you got so fast.


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