A Phone Conversation with the 'Homeless' Chris Horner

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07/4/2005| 0 comments
by Tommy W. Murphy
Chris Horner. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com.
Chris Horner. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com.

A Phone Conversation with the 'Homeless' Chris Horner

Tommy Murphy talks to Chris Horner about racing in Europe and the 2005 Tour de France.

eat enough to maintain effective training, but not to over eat, so you can still lose that little bit.


RC: What kind of approach do you take towards supplements? I know there?s a broad range in discipline with elite cyclists when it comes to nutrition and supplements. Some are pretty relaxed about it all while others are obsessive. How do you look at it all?


CH: I?m pretty laid back with all of this. I really don?t get into all of the vitamins and supplements like others. I mean you?ll see these guys with their fishing boxes of supplements.


RC: Fishing boxes???


CH: Yea, it?s crazy!


RC: So what do you prefer on the bike? Anything special?


CH: Again, I?m not too picky. I usually take one water bottle and one bottle of our team?s drinks. I really like all of the bars and gels. Those work really well for me.



RC: So what do you think of your new Scott team bike in comparison to some of your previous team bikes?


CH: It?s an incredible bike. It?s light, stiff, and handles really well.


RC: How do you compare it to your old Webcor Lemond or even the Felts you?ve been on in the past?


CH: The Lemond is a really nice bike and I liked my Felts but the Scott just has the complete package in a super light bike that is still stiff and responsive. Most superlight bikes get soft and don?t handle as well, but the Scott is solid. It?s the best team bike that I?ve been on.


RC: As everyone knows, the Tour has become the marketing arena for companies to showcase their new latest and greatest masterpieces. Does Scott or any of your equipment suppliers have anything new that they will be rolling out for the Tour?


CH: There was some talk about new TT bikes, but I?m not sure if we?re going to get those or not. If we do it will be a surprise.


RC: Kind of like your last minute Lemond TT bike at the Tour of Georgia two years ago?


CH: (Chuckles?)


RC: Are you going to have any family with you during the Tour de France?


CH: Probably not, but you never know who may show up.


RC: So you may see your Cousin Eddie?


CH: Yea, there will be plenty of them on the side of the road.


RC: Thanks for the call Chris. It was great talking to you. Have a good night and good luck in


CH: Thanks.



Chris Horner - Career Highlights:



1st, Stage 6, Tour de Suisse
2nd, Mountains classification, Tour de Suisse
5th, GC, Tour de Suisse
5th, Points Competition, Tour de Suisse
5th, Stage 9, Tour de Suisse


1st, GC, Sea Otter Classic
1st, GC, Redlands Bicycle


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