A Phone Conversation with the 'Homeless' Chris Horner

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07/4/2005| 0 comments
by Tommy W. Murphy
Chris Horner. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com.
Chris Horner. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com.

A Phone Conversation with the 'Homeless' Chris Horner

Tommy Murphy talks to Chris Horner about racing in Europe and the 2005 Tour de France.

be a learning experience for me. Something new.


RC: I was a little surprised of your time trial performance at the Tour de Suisse? How are feeling about your time trialing?


CH: My TT was terrible! I?m not sure what happened that day. As you know, I?m better then that, but it certainly put a scare into my team thinking that I can?t time trial. I?m not a time trial specialist like Zabriskie or Baldwin, but I can certainly hold my own. I?m usually no less then top ten in the
but usually in the top five. I was suffering from jet lag and just didn?t feel at my best that day. Everyone has a bad TT now and then, and I hope that was mine for the year. As the Tour de Suisse continued I just got stronger and stronger, so my form now in comparison to the start of Suisse is night and day. I?m really coming into great form for the Tour. I really lost a lot of training due to my leg, so at Philly and even just a few weeks ago, I had no top end. I was just a diesel. I?m just now finding that kick again.


RC: Have you had the chance to recon any of the Tour de France stages?


CH: I haven?t. I?ll just be following wheels.


RC: Have you altered your training in any way in preparation for the Tour?


CH: I basically recovered after Suisse and have just kicked the training back up again before the start of the Tour. The biggest thing lately has been my diet. Our team trainer was teasing me at Tirreno about being heavy, and as you know, I?m far from heavy, but I have made some adjustments and have lost a kilo or two. I could really feel the difference in the mountains in
, so I?m feeling really good about my climbing right now.


RC: So what adjustments did you make to your diet?


CH: Basically just cut out the snacks and soda. It?s really hard here in
Europe because everything is so different. Everything is later. We ride later, we eat later, we go to bed later, so I?ve just been more disciplined and haven?t been snacking as much until dinner. A lot of the time we won?t eat until , but we get back from our rides around two or so it?s a long time until dinner.


RC: Do you monitor your calorie intake from day to day?


CH: No. I just make sure I eat balanced. The biggest thing was the eating after the bike. I?ve just been watching that more closely. There?s a fine line to all of this because if you cut too many calories you don?t recover as well and your whole training is affected. You?ll go out the next day and you?ll just be tired, so you have to be careful to


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