A Phone Conversation with the 'Homeless' Chris Horner

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07/4/2005| 0 comments
by Tommy W. Murphy
Chris Horner. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com.
Chris Horner. Photo copyright Roadcycling.com.

A Phone Conversation with the 'Homeless' Chris Horner

Tommy Murphy talks to Chris Horner about racing in Europe and the 2005 Tour de France.

: I can understand that. So how?s the whole language thing? Does the team have a translator?


CH: No, I basically just have to figure everything out for myself.


RC: I bet that?s tough.


CH: Yea, the team is primarily Spanish and Italian and I speak neither.


RC: Have you been working on the different languages?


CH: When I first got here I picked up a Spanish dictionary, so I can understand some Spanish now but no Italian. I actually use French the most. That?s my best language.


RC: I?m guessing that?s from your days riding with Francaise des Jeux?


CH: Yea.



RC: Congratulations on your 5 th place finish and stage win at the Tour de Suisse.


CH: Thanks!


RC: How do you feel about your performance there?


CH: It was great! I was hoping for a stage win or a possible top 10 on GC, and I was able to get both. It was awesome!


RC: What did you think of the competition? There were a lot of big names there.


CH: It?s tough over here. I don?t know the riders like I do in the states, so I don?t know who?s who. Of course I can pick out Ullrich and those guys, but most of these guys I have no idea who they are and what they are capable of.


RC: Was that the problem with Nibali (Fassa Bortolo) on Stage 6?


CH: Yea, I had no clue who he was or what he could do. It?s tough because the peloton is so strong here, and the racing is so much different then in the states. You know these guys aren?t weak, so you never know if they?re just holding back or if they really are struggling. It?s not like the riders in the
where I know who they are and what they?re capable of. It?s a crap shoot here for me.


RC: So what did you think of the performances of the so called ?Tour Favorites? at the Tour de Suisse?


CH: Ullrich was amazing! He was so strong in those first two days. We all thought he was going to win but then he just kind of disappeared. I?m not sure what happened. I know he was sick on the last stage, so I?m not sure if he picked up a bug somewhere in the race or what was going on, but he was flying those first two days.
was just killing it as well. He was riding so good and was always there pushing it and attacking.



RC: What about Mayo and Beloki?


CH: You know, I couldn?t even tell you who they were in the pack let alone what they were doing. I just don?t know these guys. When Aitor [ Gonzalez] attacked on that last day I didn?t even know it was


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