Pedaling Toward Redemption

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05/14/2013| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
Danilo Di Luca: Are the reputations of some riders too far damaged for them to be allowed to take part in races such as the Giro d'Italia? Fotoreporter Sirotti

Pedaling Toward Redemption

Are the reputations of some riders too far damaged?

other riders like them: David Zabriskie, Tom Danielson, Christian Vande Velde, are also riding for redemption. For some of those listed the fans have already welcomed them back. For others the jury is out whether they will ever be respected again as professional athletes.

I'm not sure where to draw the line in the sand regarding redemption. Does everyone deserve a second chance or are their offenses too much for a cycling fan to ignore? I'd like to think that everyone deserves another chance. It's up to us to determine if we're going to let them have that one shot at redemption or if they blew it already.

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jackcav's picture

If a group of former top professional cyclists got together and outed the dirty team directors, soigneurs, doctors, and facilitators still poisoning the sport with their presence. This could do much towards cleaning out the vermin which still have jobs due to the omerta of this group of former "leaders". I recognize many of theses same cyclists owe their livelihood to those who had them dope freely in the 90s and are now only involved in the sport due in large part to their own silence. They owe it to us the fans, to move forward and actively become a part of the solution. Puerto would end up being anecdotal if some of these former pros had the stones to step up and tell the whole truth.