Operation Puerto and Doping in Spain

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05/2/2013| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
Anyone who read Tyler Hamilton's "The Secret Race" knows he had his blood drawn by Dr. Fuentes' assistant, not a doctor Fotoreporter Sirotti

Operation Puerto and Doping in Spain

After seven years Operation Puerto comes to a conclusion - but at what cost?

it up.

The only positive note out of this whole cluster known as Operation Puerto is that Spain is now officially in alignment with the rest of the world in regards to anti-doping. We’ll have to see how enthusiastically Spain pursues cheats. The world will be watching.

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jackcav's picture

Same country that high public officials expressed the concern that they hoped Alberto Contador would not be found guilty when he was "poisoned" with steroids while consuming beef brought in from his home country. God and Contador must be the only to know you can't get a decent meal in France so you better pack provisions from your homeland. you know the one with what we find out has a problem with having their bovine taking p.e.d's...I guess? No doubt the top brass are pulling the strings again and the Spanish sports federation will be left out in the cold. These people are in cya mode like Lance and before the entire sports bubble can burst the Spanish judge will bury the bodies courtesy of some kind of directives made from some pedestal.